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As much as anyone here, I wish the Keynesian mythology was valid. I wish doubling the money in circulation would solve the economic problem. I wish handing it to political friends would get us back to a vibrant economy. I wish fiat currencies did not crash 100 out of 100 times.

The Keynesians who gave US boom-and bust cycles and 95% inflation since they got their central bank and private ownership of the dollar, claimed their purpose was to prevent boom and bust AND prevent inflation. Your choice: believe what they say, or believe what they do.

Now they say taking money from farmers, shoemakers and shopkeepers to lavish on automaker and banking executives is good for the economy. Right. EXCEPT we won’t be needing new cars nearly as much as we will be needing food.

While people do the obviously intelligent things with their personal finances, central banks prop up industries whose need has passed AT THE EXPENSE OF industries who are the highest priority.

Fortunately for the devout Keynesians, your religion preaches giving complete power to the rulers. They, in turn, love it and eagerly embrace that message … in fact, they make darn sure it is preached in every school that gets government money – including student loans. The FCC licenses ownership of our airwaves to eight Keynesians, so we get to hear the same message on our radios and TVs. Consistency is such a comfort.

Thus we all get to experience Nirvana again. As amusing as it was to read about societies dominated by central planning and government meddling, it will be so much more fun to live through it.

You can buy the script from so as to memorize your lines if you wish.

America's Great Depression by Murray Rothbard