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CHANGE for a small town

Your city bill going up again reads the small town weekly. The article chronicles the mayor and city council increasing fees to cover shortfalls in collections. In the world outside of city hall, incomes are shrinking, budgets are tightening and people are straining with some rather dramatic family fiscal problems. For the boys inside the answer is obvious: raise taxes. […]

Que bono?

Every day our Goodwill store sends 500 – 1,000 pounds of donated clothing, toys and hardgoods to the landfill because we cannot be positive there is no lead in it. While some consider the product safety law to be a well-meaning effort gone bad, I am more cynical and suspicious of congressional motives. […]

Get your script early

As much as anyone here, I wish the Keynesian mythology was valid. I wish doubling the money in circulation would solve the economic problem. I wish handing it to political friends would get us back to a vibrant economy. I wish fiat currencies did not crash 100 out of 100 times. […]

The Little Red Hen

The sad, bad news was that cost-benefit and available-income analysis determined we can’t establish a garden at our new rental property. Unable to come up with the cash to haul in compost, spread, cultivate and plant enough to recoup our investment this year, let alone getting the chicks and feed for our multi-colored egg production project. Recognizing the garden was merely break-even in the current year wouldn’t have stopped me by itself, but the harsh reality that I could afford the seeds, but not the soil was a real stopper. […]

What does $1,000,000,000,000 look like?

I tripped over a picture worth a trillion words. I had to share. Here I show you what ten thousand bucks is. This website puts a Trillion Dollars into a visual perspective. Another fine image would be one-dollar bills (0.004 inches thick) stacked on their sides wrapping around the earth’s equator 2.7 times. Maybe somebody will draw that one for us.

Good VS Evil Prostitution

From an Aussie news site: A 15-YEAR-old schoolgirl in northeast England earned about £14,000 ($A30,641) over two months by working as a prostitute. Her unusual weekend job was exposed when a teacher at her school in South Shields, near Newcastle, found condoms, lubricant and details of the agency she worked for in her school bag. […]