Sonia’s sinus solutions

I have had a lifetime of experience with sinus and chest congestion. It seems to be a weak link in my genes. Thus, I am familiar with the drill my AMA providers deliver. I give the government-certified prescriber 10 hours worth of my pay and they give me one or two slips of paper. I give the prescription-filler another 10 hours of my pay and they give me a bottle or two of big-pharma chemicals that kill stuff. My body then spends weeks wrestling with chemicals, good bugs, bad bugs and whatever else I subject it to. In about a month I notice I’m feeling good again.

My expertise has grown, encouraging me to avoid the rough stuff and teaching me alternatives. I use saline irrigation of my sinuses at the first signs of congestion. I make sure my daily water consumption is adequate. I use dietary mineral supplements targeted at my weak areas and increase fresh fruit and vegetable consumption.

In the bad old days I used their prescription “cough medicines” or over-the-counter versions thereof. I eventually figured out that suppressing the cough would darn-near guarantee the stuff would congeal in my bronchia or lungs making sure I would get really sick. I was smart enough to toss that particular prescription or recommendation where it belonged.

I did add expectorant to my tool kit, though. It breaks the flem up and makes the cough more productive. This became my most useful tool. Heck, for a few years it darn-near was my entire tool kit. Then one day I realized my back-ache was really a kidney-ache and they were complaining about processing expectorant a bit too often. Okay – use that one only when really necessary.

So I don’t go to the monopolist doctors for sneezes and sniffles. I spend a few hours pay on supplements from the natural foods and produce sections of my local markets. I pay better attention to early warning symptoms. I maintain a healthy diet and water consumption. But sometimes the bad bugs start winning anyway.

Sonia caught me starting to slide. Sonia isn’t licensed by the state. Sonia didn’t attend any of the state-granted-monopoly universities. She doesn’t have a framed certificate on the wall from the most successful union the world has seen. Sonia doesn’t even have an office, let alone a staff at the clinic. She merely has an inclination to study herbs and natural supplements. She observed the symptoms and recommended the cure.

Sonia introduced me to Goldenseal for mucus management. One hour’s pay at the Wally World across the street and I have a new magic trick. Within four hours my sinuses were open and the problematic flow turned to a healthy trickle. I have a new tool for my toolbox. It too, is not for regular use, but when my head starts acting up, *BAM* Goldenseal straightens it out. Cool stuff.

Anything wrong with this picture???

The AMA/big-pharma monopoly, of course. The AMA’s big coup was using the political process to eliminate about 7 out of 8 medical schools in the USA. By restricting the supply of medical providers, they could raise prices and income for themselves. This turned out badly for their customers in numerous ways.

doctor making house call

Before monopoly doctors made house calls and didn’t cost any more than a vet, mechanic or other home service provider. They brought with them commonly used medicines and delivered treatments on the spot. They took away a chicken, basket of apples, handful of silver coins or whatever they and their customer could agree upon. Need I describe the situation now?

The cure being openly discussed for the hyper-expensive government-granted medical monopoly is, amazingly, government take over. The screamingly obvious solution of removing restrictions to entry, enabling competition to increase variety and reduce costs is not even mentioned … by the government-granted media monopoly … Oh, duh… I think I can guess why.

Everyone should be thoroughly outraged by what is completely obvious to any thinking person who is at all educated … oh yeah … by government-controlled schools.

It is pretty obvious where this is headed. We will soon have government ownership of the medical industry with political distribution of health care. The good news is that everywhere and every time this has happened, the black market provides what government planners fail to provide.

The Sonias of the world will give us the best medicine money can buy while the government tolerates a black market lest their incompetent central planning triggers open revolt.