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Happy Birthday Abe

In the category, “Better late than never” is John Wilkes Booth.

John Wilkes Booth, patriot

My oldest daughter scholarshipped to a private high school for kids of wealthy parents. Their history books were completely unlike those chosen by the Texas Department of Education that every public school in the nation uses. I read bits of her textbooks and was startled to find different views of the world and US history that I KNEW. I was strongly curious, but was a busy single-dad running my own business and hanging on by my fingernails economically. I didn’t have time to think about or investigate the dramatic challenges to the world I knew.

The Real Lincoln book cover

The Real Lincoln excited some reviews that caught my attention. Reading that changed my life. Really.

If what I thought I knew about “Honest Abe” was so far off, what other bits of history and knowledge in my head were just plain wrong? For many, having your world view cut away from its moorings and set adrift is too traumatic to be considered. But for me, it is comforting. Things that don’t flow or connect logically unsettle me more than challenges to my world view.

The Real Lincoln set me on a path of investigation, introspection, research and education that has proven to be correct and proper ever since. From that turning point, I found Austrian Economics, Libertarian thought, a startling history of USA false flag events and so much more.

While some friends and family have encouraged me to relax and put my head back in the sand, I cannot unknow what I have. I am confident that the knowledge I have is empowering in numerous ways. For example: in 1996 or 7 I knew California was going down. I searched for a more stable place to live. In March of 2000 I arrived in Idaho knowing nobody, but starting a life in a stronger culture. Far superior than grabbing a lifejacket to swim away from that sinking ship today.

I didn’t know when, but I have known for years that the economy would crash. Building towards a sustainable pantry and lifestyle over a period of years is so much less stressful than having to do it in months or less. Selecting employment in a sustainable industry is possible when you know the pattern that our fiat currency must follow.

Is carrying the knowledge that it is going to get worse a bad thing? For me, the ugliness I have been carrying in my head will make the next year a whole lot more comfortable than if it had snuck up on me.

Oh yeah. What brought all this on?

Lincoln’s birthday.

Lotsa folks are celebrating the Lincoln painted by his words. What a great guy that would have been. But every time I hear his name, I conjure up the image of the man painted by his deeds. If only the fascists and mercantilists who were the Whig Party USA had collapsed with its destruction … but NO, they resurrected as Republicans and played politics to their advantage ever since.

Perhaps if John Wilkes Booth had done his Lincoln gig before they plundered the South and eliminated by force the right of succession we would have a free country. Probably not. Evil is persistent. Vigilance is tiring. Pain is the only serious motivator that can correct the problem and we are just beginning to feel it.