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Sonia’s sinus solutions

I have had a lifetime of experience with sinus and chest congestion. It seems to be a weak link in my genes. Thus, I am familiar with the drill my AMA providers deliver. I give the government-certified prescriber 10 hours worth of my pay and they give me one or two slips of paper. I give the prescription-filler another 10 hours of my pay and they give me a bottle or two of big-pharma chemicals that kill stuff. My body then spends weeks wrestling with chemicals, good bugs, bad bugs and whatever else I subject it to. In about a month I notice I’m feeling good again. […]

Great article

Today’s lesson in you Economics 101 class is presented by Glen Allport at I’ll toss in the little spoiler picture below, but other than that, I say go read.

Automakers want $22 billion

We are surrounded by people losing jobs. Clothing, fast food, construction, banks and a whole lot more are dying or at least writhing on the floor as the economy based on a fiat dollar comes to its predictable end. Yet as the flaming airplane plummets to the earth, the guys in the 1st class cabin continue to wheel and deal with other people’s money. […]

irrisistable news clip

Sometimes the news is just too good to expound upon. If you aren’t checking regularly, you miss great tidbits like this one. Teen thief picks on wrong pensioner A thief picked on the wrong victim when she tried to run off with the handbag of a former championship sprinter. […]

Happy Birthday Abe

In the category, “Better late than never” is John Wilkes Booth. […]

shooting craps

My dad knew he would never be without a job. He figured he’d find a place he wanted to work and just start working. The boss would quickly figure out what a valuable, good worker he was and hire him. In the years since he made those claims our state and federal legislatures have employed themselves trying to make sure you can’t do that. With regulations on several fronts, few employers can let you work just cuz you wanna. […]