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The End Is Near

The good news is that everyday people are beginning to notice the economy and declining value of the dollar. More and more articles reach us describing it. The unrestrained binge buying that grew high-end clothing stores and consumer electronics specialty marts has ended, with drying-up/blowing-away stores proving it. North Americans no longer think of houses as infinite-growth equity sinks. The complacency of job security is disappearing with people treating the jobs they do have with far more respect than in the past.

These bits qualify as good news because the truth is finally reaching the commoners. Of course it is going to get a lot worse, making today’s lifestyles beautiful in comparison. But at last my conservative and preparation suggestions are met with interest rather than dismissed out-of-hand as they would the sack-clothed vagrant whose sign declares, “The End Is Near”.

I am sad to see the recognition, confusion and pain, but glad that they are beginning to adjust to the reality and focus more on the basics of food, shelter, clothing and some means of continually providing them.

The bad news is that the creators of this mess are still granted credibility. Those Keynesian economists who dominate academia and politics are still being granted air time and a believing audience. The trash that spills out of their mouths is still passing as knowledge. Their obfuscations are swallowed by uneducated and, much more offensively, mal-educated masses.

In regards to the dollar we trust for our daily exchanges, The End Is Near. Yet the Keynesians pretend they can “save” it. I suppose it is too late to make much difference, but I hope the snake-oil salesmen are eventually understood for who they are, what they pretended to know and the evil they did. I wish more people were stocking up on beans, bullets and bullion.

I recently ran across a beautiful graph that tells it all in a single picture. It is larger and in more detail in the original article. I suggest you go there to really appreciate it. I point out a couple of dates whose importance the graph clearly shows:
1913 The Federal Reserve takes ownership of the dollar
1934 US private ownership of gold banned
1964 The last 90% silver coins issued
1971 The dollar no longer convertible to gold.

monetary base 1913-2007

The whole article is well worth reading, and is particularly good as it contains many great graphical representations of the damage done, who-dunnit and how. Using simple common sense, anyone not buried in the Keynsian mythology will easily see what has happened and quite likely understand for themselves the who and how.

Just a little hint, in case you need the help: When you dilute your orange juice concentrate 500 to 1, it is no longer orange, no longer tastes like oranges and no longer has any nutritional value. Dollars are the same. For the curious, this clever little calculator will compare any year’s dollar to any other. The dilution that the Feral Reserve has accomplished is about to come home to roost and their calculator will be hard-pressed to keep up with the changes. The End Is Near.