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The Ascention

My “Happy birthday, sister” call turned into a delightful, long chat with one who is excitedly entering the realm of political activism. The ascension of The Anointed One to the throne is inspiring her and a number of enthusiastic Silicon Valley networkers into inventing deliberative democracy.

They are confident their Messiah, with his great wisdom and all-encompassing love of mankind, will immediately comprehend and hasten to implement a governmental system full of benevolent goodness. They merely need to quickly build this new model, develop this innovative idea, and leverage off of their connections with the local Elect Obama campaign to deliver it to Him.

I’m happy for them – and us. Really. They are excited about what they are doing. They are learning about political systems. They are meeting new people, working together, exercising their brains and won’t hurt a soul.

While democracy is arguably the worst form of government humans have experienced, there is no chance whatsoever that those who put Obama into The White House, nor the man himself will give up precious power to little localized clusters of peons. However, one certain long-term good that will come from this effort of artists, professors, academics, programmers and magnanimous rich will be their increased awareness of political systems. The brains of that grand social experiment known derisively in the heartland as “California” may finally recognize their government is not the altruistic entity they had thought.

It is possible some of the thinkers and innovators of our left coast will even awaken to the evils of centralized government. They may expand their areas of expertise into the study of political and economic systems. They could decide they want to learn from Mises, Bastiat, Rothbard and many of the great students of human interaction, just as they did in their own fields of electronics, sociology, botany, mathematics, physics and philosophy.

The discovery that Obama is another fully-owned mouthpiece of the same old ruling elite could inspire the trend-setting Californians to comprehend and embrace the politics of liberty. It could happen. Maybe I get to watch it begin.