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shaking my head

Regular readers may have noticed my absence. Sorry if you missed my writing, but I have been wandering around in circles shaking my head in wonder. Okay, I really focused my attention on here-and-now stuff like household repairs and improvements. Philosophy, politics and agitating lost its allure when I feel like a little guy paddling an air-mattress in the Bermuda Triangle as the Nimitz cruises by.
Nimitz class carrier

For the last couple of days I have been reminded of this two-year-old debate from PBS where the Democrat and Libertarian candidates for Idaho governor tried to express their vision for the four-year period we are in the middle of.

While the guys getting most of the press were talking about spending the growing tax revenues, the Libertarian must have had some crystal ball. He was babbling about an economic downturn and the need to begin budget-tightening immediately.

The no-show Republican who ended up winning that race is suddenly scrambling to address “unforeseeable budgetary shortfalls”.


No, not the politicians, but those who elect ’em.

The crystal ball is called, “Austrian Economics” and is readily available to anyone interested in a school of economic, social and political study that actually works. Of course it is not popular with the politicians nor those who run their school system because it says they cannot manipulate, control and steal from our economy with impunity. No, you have to learn it outside of school and think for yourself whether it or the mythology they sell to the licensed economists makes more sense.

As the rulers and their spokesmen express shock and confusion, the decision about whose economic model actually functions should have a rather easy answer.

Are you buying beans, bullion and bullets?

This is a pass or fail test. I’m not giving any hints.