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into the tar pits with the car czar

I am so relieved! Just when I was sick with worry that the Great and Wonderful USA would no longer lead the world in automobile manufacture, I am hugely comforted to find that the wizards of Washington DC are going to take over design, manufacture and marketing for the Big 3.

When The Mustang Ranch ran afoul of the IRS, the government took it over, lock, stock and barrel. Obviously running a successful business is totally unrelated to being a successful government bureaucrat. In less than two years, a 100-year-old business went broke. These bright boys managed to lose money selling booze and sex with nearly no overhead. Now they are going to show the world how cars should be made and sold.

DC insider Barney Frank, one of the elite Congressional leaders who created this financial mess, will become the “CAR CZAR”. It sounds ridiculous but Democrats weighing options for tight government control on the American auto industry want to have a government board build cars. They want a board of 5 Cabinet secretaries and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency to report to a ‘CAR CZAR”. Well if a government hammer costs $25,000 will a government car cost $1 Million or will it look more like the German government developed Volkswagon Bug the peoples car developed in WWII?

So the USA takes another step in the air beyond the cliff.

I am getting resigned to all this … oh, kinda … Dang, it is so blatantly stupid and incredibly disastrous I do want it all to stop. But I know the owners of the media, the CFR and the rest won’t stop until we all reside in the La Brea Tar Pits.