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The Knights before Christmas

2245 hours, Christmas Eve 2008, SW Idaho … Damsel in Distress calls from a snowdrift 1/2 way home from work. Dang weather seems to have followed us south. Valiant Knight dons quilted coverall armor and mounts Trusty Steed (1/2T V6 4×4, white, of course) to dash to the rescue. Wind tears driver’s side door out of my hands, which sounded awful at the stop, but without apparent damage. My lugged boots had inadequate traction to close door so I had to sit on seat in order to pull it shut against the wind. […]

shaking my head

Regular readers may have noticed my absence. Sorry if you missed my writing, but I have been wandering around in circles shaking my head in wonder. Okay, I really focused my attention on here-and-now stuff like household repairs and improvements. Philosophy, politics and agitating lost its allure when I feel like a little guy paddling an air-mattress in the Bermuda Triangle as the Nimitz cruises by. […]

into the tar pits with the car czar

I am so relieved! Just when I was sick with worry that the Great and Wonderful USA would no longer lead the world in automobile manufacture, I am hugely comforted to find that the wizards of Washington DC are going to take over design, manufacture and marketing for the Big 3. […]

economic wizards

Top of the news to you. Idaho, U.S. unemployment jumps again Economists say employment will rebound eventually, but it could take a year or more. Well those economists are on safe ground there. It sure as heck will take more than a year, but they covered that bet safely. Still safe, but even more misleading is the Economics Department Chairman quoted later in the article. […]