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the company they keep

Over 8 years ago, Smith & Wesson management (in England) sold out to the Clinton Administration making gun control more onerous and ownership more precarious in exchange for preference in bidding government contracts. The response of the shooting community was immediate and beautiful. Sales of S&W guns essentially STOPPED. The company lost most of its value, enabling an American to buy it from the Brits who had trashed its reputation.

It appears that one American manufacturer forgot the lesson, if he learned it at all.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when an advertisement came out of H-S Precision, maker of sniper rifles in South Dakota, that they have engaged former FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi as a company spokesperson.

Lon Horiuchi was the FBI sniper who killed Vicki Weaver while she was holding her infant daughter, during the FBI’s siege of the Weaver Home on Ruby Ridge in Idaho in 1992. According to Wikipedia, Horiuchi was also engaged as a sniper during the attack on the Branch Davidian group home in Waco, Texas in 1993. According to some reports, it was Lon the sniper who shot people as they attempted to flee the burning community center, giving them the choice of death by bullet or fire. Of course the ATF and FBI got exclusive rights of investigation and found no evidence of federal wrongdoing.

With some modification, that is a small chunk of the explanation for the trophy page posted HERE by the clever and courageous leader of the Montana Sports Shooting Association. I strongly encourage you to go look at it … and share it far and wide. I recommend, as I think you should, that they read the big bold link at the top of the page that says, “read this“.

For more on Horiuchi and the horrors of WACO, check these out:
A few months before Waco, at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi illegally killed Vicki Weaver as she held her baby in her arms. Now, empty rifle shells have been found at the sniper station where Horiuchi was stationed on the day of the Waco siege. Some law-enforcement sources report that Horiuchi was so eager to kill that even other HRT members were afraid of him. A FBI with trained killers like Horiuchi is a far cry from G-men of J. Edgar Hoover’s bureau, which consisted entirely of people trained in investigation, not sniping.