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Most readers of the House of Rothschild record note that the author excessively focuses on their religion and puts a huge sinister implication on it. For many, that prevents giving any serious thought to the rest.

For me it didn’t seem that hard to separate the “that tribe is obviously bad because they wear purple loincloths” stuff from the historical record. I grant it detracts from the author’s credibility, but I am so accustomed to reading and hearing my news with my filters humming along full-time that they seem like natural background noise.

Once in a while the internet, radio or a newspaper catches me in a place where I’m willing to listen or read a bit of mainstream news. I’m shaking my head in disgust, churning in my stomach, yelling at the sky or other futile actions at what the great majority of the people are willing to believe. Even in those reports, there lay kernels of truth. For example, that well-connected conspirators from every major economy in the world met in New York is a fact that can be gleaned from the report they were there to save us.

I would love to see the historical record on the Rothschild family, heck all the interwoven crime families, written and broadcast clearly and cleanly. However, this bit had a real strong ring of truth to much of it and was quite startling and impressive in those areas.