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Yesterday I let myself get exasperated by the cartoon of Obama on “Day 1” patching the Constitution together. My cartoon was a crude response.

I can understand the feeling of hope for a change that might be an improvement. I certainly agree that it has been bad. It just pushed me over the edge when Newspeak calls this change to be a restoration of our Constitutional government – you know, that one of limited federal power and free markets.

While I work against it, I do understand the strong likelihood we will have our turn at a centrally-planned society. I am preparing as best I can for the way I expect that to play out. However, in my little world, words count. I want people to be honest with me, each other, as well as themselves.

The government we have grown in the last 50 years can be called socialism, communism, fascism or many other names, the most accurate of which is statism. Please, just don’t say it conforms to the Constitution of these United States in my presence. That is just one of those levers that seems to pull the control rods out of my reaction chamber.