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Introducing … Super Godfather

I went to high school with a track and football superstar. He beat 3,000 to 1 odds to be the fastest sprinter in the school and greater odds to score 90% of our league-champion football team’s points and set state records in track. He stood out enough to be one out of 1,000 high school players to play four years of all-expense-paid top-ten college football. He beat 1,000-to-one odds in college to play in the NFL. It is guys like him that make up professional sports.

People with the perfect combination of “situational morality”, high likeability and ability to say anything at all in front of large crowds move similarly through life into the highest levels of politics. They are groomed by trainers and coaches, granted financial support, protected and grow into the high life they willingly accept as their reward for performing the “little things” their sponsors demand.

Those sponsors, just like professional team owners, groom support staff to keep the whole enterprise running well. The bosses on the big field of world economics have staff in education, military, organized crime, media and much more. All selected early on, groomed, protected and completely lacking in morality that we all assume to be a natural part of the human psyche. We can no more empathize with them than we can return a kickoff for a touchdown.

Many anti-conspiracy-theorists are comfortable that an incompetent government agents could not pull off the events they are accused of. That assumes those officials are the planners and executors. Nope, they are bit players. The show is directed by Super Godfathers. I recently found some great insight into one of, most likely THE Main Family.

With that introduction, I present the Rothschilds.