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The feral government has given private bankers an amount equal to 2/3rds of the dollars earned and spent in the USA last year outside of government spending. The Treasurer, President and Head Banker won’t tell us who they gave it to. Meanwhile, the same rulers are spending another 1/3rd killing people in foreign lands. Our televisions tell us this is good; our money is in good hands. Every dollar bill I earn and own is now exactly half as rare, worth half as much and this is okay.

Since we swallowed those without breaking out the tar and feathers, they are quickly moving to give away another pile of money to their friends … probably before we get much time to really consider what they did with the biggest theft in history. Auto makers are lining up at the trough alongside every other business that is not prepared for the economic decline that ends every fiat currency Earth has seen.

So let me get this straight. Ford, GM and Chrysler build products that nobody buys (alongside some that do get sold). The unsold products sit around in storage sites waiting for buyers. Lack of sales causes lack of income. Therefore we should print even more dollars, take dollars away from everyone who earns or owns them, to give to the automakers.

Since our new socialist government is going to be more equitable than the old mercantilist one, the dollars given to the automakers will be distributed not to the mis-managers, but to the proletariat. About the only way I can figure to do this in an egalitarian fashion, is to give those dollars to the workers who, in turn, keep producing autos (at $85/hour union scale wages, of course).

This system of central planning is not new. We can, in fact, learn from history what we have coming our way. There will be an abundance of black shoes in size 7, but none in size 10. If you happen to be fond of wool pants in size 44 x 30, the store shelves will have plenty. Today’s menu better include beets and not oranges, because that is what’s available.

Meanwhile, planning for my own future and anticipating a tremendous business opportunity, I am trying to come up with a way to cut up new cars and make them edible..