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The time is nigh

The rulers gave us a choice of four anti-gunners. Unsurprisingly, you elected an anti-gunner. They took over our currency, reduced its value by 90% in 90 years, down to 1% of the value it had when they took it over in the next 5 years in a trajectory that is aimed at the moon as we speak. The dollar is done. They have created an economy wherein the majority are dependent on government checks and well over half of those shouldering the burden will lose their jobs in the next year. Heck, they have even scheduled the first meeting to establish a world currency and new world order for November 17th.

Their cards are on the table. They are ready for it to come to a head – NOW.

It is show time.

I think we are better off with the blatant gun grabber than the NRA-approved, stealth one. The gun owners are already coming to grips with the pending rule changes and confiscations. They are working up their resolve and drawing their lines in the sand. Gun, ammunition and related pieces are selling at a very brisk rate. We are stocking up on those essentials. Most know it is coming, which is a whole lot better than being caught by surprise.

The outspoken socialist is also the better of the two to face. Either way the central bank was going to trash the dollar. This way the shrinking number of people doing useful work are better able to anticipate the burden being added to their shoulders in the very near future. They are starting to plan accordingly. Many are moving or setting up to move out of the tax-paying economy into a more self-sufficient survival mode.

The leaches and looters are dancing in the streets. They are partying-hard as old man winter bears down on them. The rulers think they have the numbers right. They think this is going their way. They gamed it out and are probably right. But I think they underestimated the other side. I’m hearing a lot more people guessing the future correctly. I am already hearing folks adjusting to the expected changes.

Now more than ever, it is time to turn off the tv. The noise and deceptions crowd out truth and thought. TV propaganda tricks the mind into thinking it arrived via analysis. It bypasses that step and worms little and big lies into your head. You don’t need distractions right now. Turn off your tv and clear your head.

Associate with others of clear mind. You will need both yours and a community of them.

Check your inventory of beans, bullets and bullion. Do what you can to stock up. Try once again to get your family in that mode. It will be hard or impossible to turn them away and, at least in my case, I can’t afford to stock up for even a fraction of those I really love.

Start planning next year’s garden. Get the soil prepared now. Plan, too, for the harvest, sharing it and putting it by. You will likely have eager help by then… “Will Work For Food”.

Say “HI” to your family. While friends, neighbors and such are central parts of a healthy community, in the final analysis, no matter how many stupid mistakes they made, blood is thicker than mud.