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Agonizing Elections

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. – Joseph Stalin

Everybody else is all excited about the pending decision whether we will have a statist puppet or a statist puppet in The White House next year. I’m anything but excited about the upcoming result, but sure am interested in observing the process much as a wounded man in the battlefield observes his shattered leg being amputated.

Recently, I have watched the voting public get interested that the Clinton’s criminally used the IRS, FBI, Secret Service and other federal agencies to punish their enemies and were caught with illegally possessed FBI dossiers in Hillary’s office. High crimes for sure. Definitely impeachable AND worthy of criminal proceedings immediately after being removed from the White House.

I then got to watch while the media monopoly turned it into a titillating sideshow that ridiculed the accusers and elevated the guilty to the unexaltable role of victims. We even got to watch President Clinton bomb Europe when the peasants were starting to pay too close attention to his transgressions. All that disappeared and the unexaltable became exalted.

Bush II trumped up an Arabian war, sent troops into battle and set up an army of occupation all without a Constitutional declaration of war. The case for attacking Iraq has piece by piece been proven fictitious. This administration has turned ignoring the laws via “signing statements” and “executive orders” into a perfect image of The Third Reich, but the media monopoly has compliantly dropped all those subjects.

Thousands of pages eliminating personal liberties protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights were passed into law against the wishes of most, and well being of all but the ruling elite. There were protests, but the media monopoly has downplayed resistance into a corner of crackpots.

Contenders to be the next Omnipotent One were paraded in front of us. The criminals who stole truckloads of artifacts from The White House wanted another shot at playing J. Edgar with dossiers on the powerful (Hoover did not retain his reign of power over the FBI from its founding in 1924 to his death in 1972 honorably, to say the least). Though a near thing, they missed their second shot.

The man who whisked the World Trade Center evidence away into the ocean was the media monopoly’s favorite, while they ignored the extremely popular, record-fund-raising, lone-voice-for-liberty, 3rd place Ron Paul completely. Languishing in 8th place, but still technically in the race was their backup. Giuliani just couldn’t pass the smell test (I smell a rat), so they gave up on him and suddenly * SHAZAM * at that very moment, the media, then the public, fell madly in love with 8th place McCain whose claim to fame is that he can say anything he is told to say without flinching.

Running against the Manchurian candidate is a man who probably is not US born, thus ineligible, very openly a socialist and opposed to more than half the Bill of Rights. His deeds and words would send freedom-lovers running, but the scary phrases are only published on the Internet. The media monopoly keeps the rubes thinking Obama’s detractors are redneck racists and Rambo wannabe’s.

I alluded to one of this stacked deck’s wild cards in my opening quotation. If the Bohemian Club can keep the election close, the electronic voting machine programmers can take care of the rest. As an exciting alternative, a false flag event before Inauguration Day could “delay the transfer of power while our rulers run the country under martial law in order to deal with the threat”. Most likely, however, is that it doesn’t matter what color jerseys the man in office wears as long as he is one of them.

It is harder than heck to watch collective amnesia, universal indoctrination and thoughtless agreeing to check one of two boxes on election day. In the short run, it is undoubtedly less painful than Civil War era field surgery, but in the long run I would rather be walking on a stub in a free country than among the chained on two good legs.