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Human Action

Written by Ludwig von Mises in 1940, then updated and rewritten in English in 1949, Human Action concisely depicts the integration of society, politics, economics and all people working together for mutual betterment by focusing on what serves each of them best. It has never been done better, though many times it has been described very well. The following synopsis was posted by “Silver” at The Mental Militia, an online community of thoughtful strivers for liberty. […]

the company they keep

Over 8 years ago, Smith & Wesson management (in England) sold out to the Clinton Administration making gun control more onerous and ownership more precarious in exchange for preference in bidding government contracts. The response of the shooting community was immediate and beautiful. Sales of S&W guns essentially STOPPED. The company lost most of its value, enabling an American to buy it from the Brits who had trashed its reputation. It appears that one American manufacturer forgot the lesson, if he learned it at all. […]


Cold stuff makes that tooth hurt. Inhaling with it exposed to the air hurts. Oh yeah, hot stuff hurts too. It is time I patronize a government-protected group. The bill for 30 minutes of dental work cost per minute what I earn every hour as a store supervisor with 18 employees. […]

news filtering

Most readers of the House of Rothschild record note that the author excessively focuses on their religion and puts a huge sinister implication on it. For many, that prevents giving any serious thought to the rest. […]


Yesterday I let myself get exasperated by the cartoon of Obama on “Day 1” patching the Constitution together. My cartoon was a crude response. […]

Obama exposed

. . . At the very same website where “America the Illiterate” so impressed me that I linked to it here, I found a cartoon that epitomizes the Fairy Tale Prince Obama. For so many of those illiterates and daydreamers, Obama’s “change” will be good for them. The cartoon shows their hero on Day One, patching the Constitution back together. How do they get this stuff in their heads ????

America the Illiterate

I received an article with the above title from a friend via my e-mail. It captures a clear difference between us and the other half in ways that are both obvious and have been widely overlooked, at least by me. Clicking on the excerpt, will take you to the whole article. The other America, which constitutes the majority, exists in a non-reality-based belief system. This America, dependent on skillfully manipulated images for information, has severed itself from the literate, print-based culture. It cannot differentiate between lies and truth. It is informed by simplistic, childish narratives and clichés. It is thrown into confusion by ambiguity, nuance and self-reflection.

Introducing … Super Godfather

I went to high school with a track and football superstar. He beat 3,000 to 1 odds to be the fastest sprinter in the school and greater odds to score 90% of our league-champion football team’s points and set state records in track. He stood out enough to be one out of 1,000 high school players to play four years of all-expense-paid top-ten college football. He beat 1,000-to-one odds in college to play in the NFL. It is guys like him that make up professional sports. People with the perfect combination of “situational morality”, high likeability and ability to say anything at all in front of large crowds move similarly through life into the highest levels of politics. They are […]

funny business

The feral government has given private bankers an amount equal to 2/3rds of the dollars earned and spent in the USA last year outside of government spending. The Treasurer, President and Head Banker won’t tell us who they gave it to. Meanwhile, the same rulers are spending another 1/3rd killing people in foreign lands. Our televisions tell us this is good; our money is in good hands. Every dollar bill I earn and own is now exactly half as rare, worth half as much and this is okay. […]

job offer

My daughter has an opportunity to leave her $60,000 (in 2008 dollars) Boise job to repair their Seattle shop for $100,000 per year. While there are ramifications in a zillion directions, what I didn’t want her to overlook in her decision-making process is sneaking up on all of us like an angry bull rhinoceros approaching our front lawn croquet game. […]

Grandpa’s Wisdom

My first child and his wife were raising my first grandchild with the “modern way” … which has run by hundreds of names throughout history. This is a slightly modified version of a letter I sent them with child-rearing advice. […]

The time is nigh

The rulers gave us a choice of four anti-gunners. Unsurprisingly, you elected an anti-gunner. They took over our currency, reduced its value by 90% in 90 years, down to 1% of the value it had when they took it over in the next 5 years in a trajectory that is aimed at the moon as we speak. The dollar is done. They have created an economy wherein the majority are dependent on government checks and well over half of those shouldering the burden will lose their jobs in the next year. Heck, they have even scheduled the first meeting to establish a world currency and new world order for November 17th. Their cards are on the table. They are ready […]