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Not holding my nose this time

I know statistically I’m more likely to get struck by lightening and win the lottery before my vote actually makes a difference in an election, but I have decided that my vote matters to me. I will vote FOR individuals I can unashamedly vote for and not vote in all other cases.

As an example, I wrote in Ron Paul for president knowing full well that he is not registered as a write-in, that write-in votes for him will not be acknowledged by the Idaho Secretary of State, but THAT is MY vote.

I know both O and M will make the country worse than it was before the election. The only good news is that if O is doing it, his opponents will include darn near every gun-toting redneck in the country… we have a chance for resistance. If M is screwing everything up, his opponents will whine and wet their beds even more than before. The former gives me more hope than the latter.