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What, Me Worry?

I have been in stunned silence.

The crash is happening right before everyone’s eyes, yet they see what the Great Wizard tells them to see, which isn’t the crash at all, but a wonderful, benevolent, all-knowing government saving them in this moment of crisis. The same whores who created this mess are promising salvation to a awestruck audience.

It is time to hunker down and watch the show.

The headlines scream, “The Great Depression to the 20th power”, yet Joe Sixpack and Professor Plumpett are comfy renewing their contract with the ruling elite. Aaauuugh!!!
Alfred E. Neuman

10/17 Fed to Meet With Credit-Default Industry on Clearinghouse Today

The Federal Reserve act of 1913 gave control of our currency to private banking interests. It also gave them unlimited funds from the US Treasury. They repaid the US by inflating our dollar to 1/100th of the value it was when they got control. Now, in response to the crisis they created with easy money, they are given ownership of the mortgage industry… And that’s all right with the viewing audience.

10/17 U.S. and EU to Meet on Financial Crisis

The same families and friends have control of every major central bank in the world. Giving them control of every major currency on the planet doesn’t seem to create a ripple. Intelligent, educated people would be aghast. “Hey, get out of the way of the TV, that’s my team up to bat… couldya’ get me another beer outta the fridge while you’re up?”

10/17 Single-Family Home Starts in U.S. Fall to 26-Year Low

I’m surrounded by vacant houses… and commercial buildings. So are you. I don’t even know where you live, but I know vacancies abound. Yet the builders keep building, cuz that’s what they do for a living. They know nothing else. Real-dang-soon the carpenters will not be spending money at McDonald’s. Half our jobs are toast. But with a close-focus on the tv screen, nobody sees it coming. If it was bad, surely our exalted leaders would do something.

10/16 U.S. Manufacturing Slumps to Weakest in 2 Decades

Anybody notice we hardly build anything in the USA? Now we find that what little we build isn’t wanted by anyone anywhere. This should raise a warning flag. We cannot base an economy on doing each other’s laundry and passing the same dollar bill from neighbor to neighbor. Real money, real income has to come from producing something people want and things that make people more productive.

10/16 Paulson Says Stock-Buying Aimed at ‘Regulated’ Firms

Oh gosh, this is a real prize. Congress gave ONE MAN near-god-like power to spend the equivalent of the US gross national product on anything and anybody he wants. Who can you trust with that power? NO HUMAN. But this too is no problem.

10/16 Bernanke Foreshadows End to Fed’s Hands-Off Approach to Bubbles

This is the best one yet. The Federal Reserve CREATED THE BUBBLE with monetary inflation and fractional reserve banking. This plane has no functional engines, is engulfed in flames and suddenly the pilot comes out of the cockpit wearing a parachute, opens the side door and says, “You guys really made a mess of this flight” as he bails out.

10/16 Social Security Benefits Going Up by 5.8%

Whoopee…. the dollar is losing value at 20% – 40% in the next year and the old folks are given a whopping 5.8% to ease the pain. Is this really fooling anybody? Amazingly, yes. Somehow the dramatic rise in food prices is not seen as a dramatic rise in food prices, but “Oh my, THEY have raised the price on bacon. Hmmm, the price of milk seems to be up today. Glory-be, those bread makers are charging more than they used to.” “Gee, gasoline used to be $1.25 a gallon”. THERE IS A PATTERN HERE, FOLKS. Call it what you want, but the FED has made toilet paper out of your dollars.

10/15 Bernanke Says Economic Recovery `Will Not Happen Right Away’

When will he get around to saying, “Will not happen EVER”?

10/15 U.S. Plan May Slow Fire Sales but Spur Bank Mergers

Oh, this is comforting. The same 6 families who have consolidated our media so we get the same message no matter which station we watch, listen to or what paper we read are now going to own ALL OF THE BANKS. Why do I not want to put my faith in this change?

10/15 U.S. Producer Prices Fall in September; Core Rate Up

The CORE RATE. Ah yes, that special creation of the Clintons to hide inflation. Take out those unimportant things like food, energy and housing to arrive at a measure of the dollar’s worth that doesn’t make our Congressmen and Presidents look so bad. Now even that sleight of hand can’t hide the truth.

10/15 Federal Deficit Hits Record $455 Billion

The wizards of DC and NYC are on a spending frenzy to fill their pockets and keep the whole thing above water until after November’s elections. There should be riots, or at least demonstrations in every city and town across the country. The deficit curve is aimed at the moon – straight up now. Certainly not time to be watching the lame show Obama and McCain are putting on.

The headlines go on and on. While people should be scurrying for the exits, they go about their daily lives as if this is normal. Pantries should be full, but they buy groceries as needed several times a week. Silver and gold should be the only currency they trust, but their savings is in the banks and retirement is in the stock market. The two parties that conspired to get us here should be persona-non-grata, but they are the only ones considered for a vote come election day.

I can only watch in stunned amazement.

10/14 Paulson Anticipates Buying Stakes in Thousands of U.S. Banks
10/14 Volcker Says Bailouts Make Recession More Manageable Financial Markets
10/17 Crude Oil Rises From 13-Month Low on Signs OPEC Will Cut Output
10/17 Gold Set for Biggest Weekly Loss in Two Months on Stocks, Oil
10/17 Natural Gas Futures Advance on Speculation of Colder Weather
10/16 Oil Drops Below $70 After U.S. Reports Inventory Gain
10/16 OPEC Brings Forward Meeting to Oct. 24 as Oil Slides
10/16 Natural Gas Futures Rise on Smaller-Than-Forecast Supply Gain
10/15 Oil Falls on Doubts Rescue Will Avoid Recession, Bolster Demand
10/15 Gold Futures Rise on Demand for Safe Haven; Silver Declines
10/15 OPEC Cuts 2009 Oil Demand Forecast for a Second Month
10/15 Natural Gas Falls on Concern Demand to Wane in Slowing Economy
10/14 Oil Falls on Skepticism U.S. Plan Will Bolster Economy, Demand
10/14 Gold Prices Decline After U.S. Funds Banks With $250 Billion
10/14 Gazprom Woos Alaska Amid Chill in Relations With U.S.
10/14 National U.S. Power-Grid Upgrade Would Cut Oil Use, Study Shows
10/14 Natural Gas Rises as Government Injects Money to Spur Economy