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Capital Crimes

While the idiocy of “The Bailout” seems obvious to everyone I talk to, the DC politicians found the majority of votes necessary to pass it. Folks are wondering how we elected so many stupid people.

Plausible Deniability are the key words here … as usual. Few of them actually believe the story they give, but as long as we believe they believe it, they escape justice. They aren’t as stupid as they seem, but have sold their souls to the people who make up the stories. The politicians pay for fame, fortune and lifestyle by going along with the program.

The consortium of private bankers who own the Federal Reserve contribute major dollars to election campaigns of both R’s and D’s in nearly every national race. The elected prostitutes are heavily, financially beholden to their major donors.

The elected prostitutes also appoint and approve top level managers for all federal functions from the same circle of sugar daddies (aliases include: Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, Council on Foreign Relations, Bildenburgs).

The consolidation of our media, thanks to the apparatchiks of the Federal Communications Commission, now has 6 CEOs determining the editorial slant and news selection for all broadcast, and 99% of the print media. Those CEOs are also members of the important clubs. The consistency of the message is not coincidence, nor is it related to truth, fact, public benefit or honor.

That around 90% of the people do not want an estimated $10,000 per wage-earner to go to the investment bankers, but the elected officials do it anyway should make you real suspicious. You cannot call this “Representative Government” when it acts against such strong public opinion. It also does not qualify as leadership when it will so clearly destroy our currency, savings and personal investments.

I had a brief moment of hope, for them and for us, when the congressmen voted the bailout down. I let myself think they might have found their souls and the limit to the damage they would do to their country. Maybe giving the biggest blank check in the history of the planet earth to one man with no strings attached and without oversight was blatant enough theft to give them queasy stomachs, I dreamt. Unfortunately, after Guido made the rounds threatening weak kneecaps, the package sailed on through with a little pork added on for good measure.

Pure and simple prostitution. Perfectly legal when done by elected representatives while wearing $10,000 suits. That those who elected them are simultaneously rape victims seems of little import in their perverse world.