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Not holding my nose this time

I know statistically I’m more likely to get struck by lightening and win the lottery before my vote actually makes a difference in an election, but I have decided that my vote matters to me. I will vote FOR individuals I can unashamedly vote for and not vote in all other cases. As an example, I wrote in Ron Paul for president knowing full well that he is not registered as a write-in, that write-in votes for him will not be acknowledged by the Idaho Secretary of State, but THAT is MY vote. I know both O and M will make the country worse than it was before the election. The only good news is that if O is doing […]

What, Me Worry?

I have been in stunned silence. The crash is happening right before everyone’s eyes, yet they see what the Great Wizard tells them to see, which isn’t the crash at all, but a wonderful, benevolent, all-knowing government saving them in this moment of crisis. The same whores who created this mess are promising salvation to a awestruck audience. It is time to hunker down and watch the show. […]

magic moment

I don’t know when I last had a turntable but suspect it has been a decade since I was able to hear my modest collection of vinyl albums. While my taste has moved rather strongly towards jazz and big band music, the ONE album I have been wanting to hear is Dvorak’s Cello Concerto in B minor. I have some other truly wonderful stuff, like Papa John Creach, Bolero, Chariots of Fire by Earnie Watts and the original by Vangelis, Scherazade, Moody Blues, Chuck Mangione, Jefferson Airplane and Starship, Songs In The Key of Life and more. But the ONE that really had me hankering for a turntable was the 1970 cello performance by Jacqueline Dupre’. […]

Capital Crimes

While the idiocy of “The Bailout” seems obvious to everyone I talk to, the DC politicians found the majority of votes necessary to pass it. Folks are wondering how we elected so many stupid people. Plausible Deniability are the key words here … as usual. Few of them actually believe the story they give, but as long as we believe they believe it, they escape justice. They aren’t as stupid as they seem, but have sold their souls to the people who make up the stories. The politicians pay for fame, fortune and lifestyle by going along with the program. […]