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tweedle dee or tweedle dum

Hey Dad, What the heck are Republicans saying about these weird hijinks McCain is pulling with the debate? None of my media sources are in favor of his actions, so I’m wondering if the Republicans like the way he’s acting?

The faith of the Republican faithful cannot be shaken by any transgressions, shortcomings or failures of their exalted leaders. Once they put the funny hat and robe on the dude, and put him at the head of the procession, nothing can shake their conviction that this is the best choice out of all the humans on the planet.

Sadly, the Democratic faithful are built the same dang way. Each group has a subset who will occasionally change their vote depending on what the little voices in their TVs tell them. Those are the ones who decide the election. Those are the ones the campaigns are built around. The consultants, managers, focus teams, etc. all work to win the undecideds. The faithful grumble a bit, but never break ranks no matter what.

I’m pretty sure Obama will cremate McCain in a debate. I think Obama has Bill Clinton or JFK’s ability to make crap sound profound and to keep his dreams vague enough that everyone can visualize their dreams in his speech. He also will make McCain seem every bit as old, doddering and intellectually bankrupt as he really is.

I think both choices are horrid. I haven’t seen worse and, believe me, Gee Wiz is about as awful as they come. Either way, we are doomed to more government, less liberty and the economic disaster that has been set up by the rulers of Christmases past. I just shake my head and realize some things are fated.

Six CEOs control 99% of the media. They are among the kingmakers. Far more important in that group are the financiers, who you never see and never hear about. Gee Wiz, Slick Willie, Obama and all of the offerings we get to choose from are NOT the ones making the decisions. They are merely mouthpieces. They are good at what they do, and that is to say what they are told to say, support what they are told to support and enjoy their time in the limelight. I am amazed that manipulators don’t even feel they have to offer us decent quality candidates any more. We will elect anyone they tell us to, and to me, they seem to be flaunting that fact.

This election is unique in that an ego-centric, slimeball Republican snuck in to the Libertarian Convention and became the LP candidate for President. I can’t vote for any of the choices this year. While my vote doesn’t matter to them, it matters to me. It is an honor I bestow thoughtfully and none of the folks on this November’s ballot deserve that particular honor.