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Feeling rich?

Were you feeling particularly wealthy yesterday? We all must have been because we just ponied up $2,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. Those investors who bought garbage investments hoping to make big money without working are pleased with this turn of events. Good deal – no downside.

The last remnants of the republic died yesterday. In its wake, people huddle in their homes, where half the mortgages are now owned by the federal government.

Congress just spent more money on their Wall Street friends than Bush spent with his favorite defense contractors over the last 7 years. Has anybody put this together with how much those Wall Street firms have spent electing the friendliest politicians money could buy?

The bankers invest $700 million dollars in campaign contributions to Republicans and Democrats, then get $700,000,000 million dollars in return ($7 trillion phrased differently). That, my friends, is a better return on investment than anyone gets from legitimate business.

And you paid your share. I sure hope the $2,000 per person living under your roof, that is if it isn’t the government’s roof, fit comfortably into your family budget. Because you are paying it either way.

Of course the method of payment is subtle. They just added an ocean of dollars to those already floating around the world. The dilution will look to you like everything but your paycheck is going up.

I assume you prepared for that already. Otherwise I’d see some signs of outrage over this theft of money and central government takeover of private industry.