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on with the show

I am saddened by what passes for an election campaign. I don’t watch tv, but know what is on it from the chatter around me. Most people think something of substance is being discussed. They think there are significant differences between the puppets presented by the Democratic Party and those presented by the Republicans. Nearly all have accepted the fiction that one will make their personal lives better or worse than the other.

The whole thing looks more like a high school football game than thoughtful people considering who should administer the republic. In a way, that is unsurprising. Nearly all of us spent our formative years at assemblies, pep rallies and ball games where it was hugely important to us what color uniforms the winning players wore. We had bands playing martial music, cute girls leading chants and cheers and the mood of everyone in the group depended on “our boys” besting the others. If they did, we went home elated and sated.

You can trust my guy…
elect him to be in charge…
everything will be fine.
That other guy who wants to be captain will just ruin everything.
His ideas are bogus.
My guy can fix everything.
They will work. Just wait and see.

titanic sinking

Beware those willing to impose government solutions on government-created problems.