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recovering our republic

The question came to me today, “How do you believe that we can restore our republic in our lifetimes?” I found it worth considering. I am evolving to Lysander Spooner’s view:

The Constitution has either produced the government we have now, or was powerless to prevent it.”

However I temper that with my long-held belief that a workable number of us is unlikely to create an anarchical utopia while maybe as many as 99% are still hoping to be led by benevolent rulers. On the other hand, I do suspect a workable 10% or more could be inspired to revert to the era of relative liberty that followed the Constitutional Convention.

If it only lasts 50 years, that would more than serve my personal needs and I could leave it to the next generation to figure it out themselves… which they will do with or without my permission.

With that view, restoring the Republic is a matter of having inspiring events and knowledge reach the 10% – 12% necessary to fight for it. The ruling elite is coincidentally having the necessary inspiring events come to pass right here in our lifetimes. Our job is to get the knowledge to the right kind of people. Many of us are doing that right now.

Many libertarians, anarchists, Austrian-economists and preparedness folks are opinion leaders – those who will understand what happened while the rest stand in the soup line wondering what happened. We need to keep at it. Keep working to share the knowledge. As the Bildenbergs turn up the heat on the boiling water, you will find more and more frogs saying, “Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?” Put your hind feet on the heads of the majority and hop out then.

The alternative is Galt’s Gulch, Hardyville or some other island of anarchy tucked in the middle of the Worker’s Paradise the continent will become. Be ready for that, too.

A third choice is to Find Freedom in an Unfree World. Depending at how good and how lucky you are, that can work just fine. Kinda like being a mosquito in the Olympic Rain Forest. Some of you get smashed. Most do not.