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time out

We moved… offices, woodshop, metalshop, hobbyshop, sailing gear, camping gear, sewing room, farm/garden tools, accumulated materials for all the above and, oh yeah, a home.  I’m guessing around 30,000 pounds shifted, packed, staged, loaded, unloaded, moved here, moved there and put away where it belongs.

Who’s complaining?  My left wrist says I asked it to carry too much. Posh.  At 5 lifts per item it only had to carry half of 75,000 pounds.  Other than that, the old body did a great job.  I’m just having to give it a break before I finish burying new water and electrical lines to get the shop and garden set up. I even bought it an ergonomic keyboard as it hurt to type.

In the middle of making the trashed farmhouse into a home, I mean OUR home,  Windoze went to sleep on me.  I had to reload the operating system, format the disc and am in process of loading up the software, bookmarks and addresses I had.

In a mixed blessing, everything I had stored waiting for me to get a round tuit is gone.  All of those people who were getting ‘spammed’ by me now have to e-mail me first or I’ll never know their e-mail addresses.

I also lost the log-in to my blog.  I forgot the magic words for logging on to post here.  I found plenty of help for what to do when logged in, but the incantation for merely signing on isn’t in anybody’s help function (everybody KNOWS that – DUH).  Today a spammer tried to post a dozen phony comments to, triggering an e-mail to me with the keys to the kingdom in it.

I’m back.