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bread and circuses

Substantial choices are being offered up in November’s presidential race. The voters in the USA have an opportunity to choose between genuinely stark differences. The candidates have come out in word and in signed documents affirming their stances on what are probably THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUES OF THE DAY. We the people get to choose our fate – and the fate of millions of our fellow earthlings.

While the TV puts on show after show about how they dress, who does their hair, what their children are like and what their parents do, on to what wonderful things they will change when we elect them to be our exalted ruler, they have all come clear and clean on the four biggest issues facing the USA today.

More than ever, politics today is bread and circuses.

What could be more important to the USA than killing our young people along with thousands of others in Iraq? Maintaining USA military bases in 130 countries is disastrous to our failing economy and destructive of good relations with those people whose homelands we occupy.

Our privacy has been destroyed. We can’t travel without being subject to strip searches. Two out of five candidates will make it worse. The choice is right out in the open for us to take. Could their facial color, gender or family background be more important than this issue?

You now owe $28,229 as your share of the national debt. Two of the presidential candidates think you can afford much more. Three do not. This is nowhere near as trivial as their military records. You could do far worse than to make your voting decision based on whether or not they are committed to raising or lowering your share of the USA government debt obligation.

Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, private banking interests have owned the US dollar. This has been accepted practice from then to the current day where every dollar they were entrusted with protecting is now worth less than one cent. The difference went into some pockets… and came out of others. Three candidates are calling for an investigation of who is making money from the Federal Reserve and who is losing it. Two are not. It is your money. You should care. You have an opportunity to vote to, at the very least, investigate where that money went.

I have great difficulty imagining how anyone could vote for evil; how anyone could actually go to their polling place and place their endorsement next to a name they knew was a bad person. I can’t do it. Maybe those who think a little less are not as troubled by that issue. I can’t say that is a bad way to live. However, come November 4th, I will have looked closely at those who stand strong on the four biggest issues of our times.

I expect one of the two who are endorsed by the six guys controlling 99% of the media in the USA will get the nod – against all logic and to the further degradation of the once proud beacon of freedom to the world.

The signers and event I refer to are here: