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tweedle dee or tweedle dum

Hey Dad, What the heck are Republicans saying about these weird hijinks McCain is pulling with the debate? None of my media sources are in favor of his actions, so I’m wondering if the Republicans like the way he’s acting? The faith of the Republican faithful cannot be shaken by any transgressions, shortcomings or failures of their exalted leaders. Once they put the funny hat and robe on the dude, and put him at the head of the procession, nothing can shake their conviction that this is the best choice out of all the humans on the planet. […]

Feeling rich?

Were you feeling particularly wealthy yesterday? We all must have been because we just ponied up $2,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States. Those investors who bought garbage investments hoping to make big money without working are pleased with this turn of events. Good deal – no downside. […]

Hey Big Spender

This ridiculous game that is being played out by the king makers and sold to the masses bothers me. Those six guys controlling the media make it seem like there are stark choices between the two candidates everyone is being shown. They simultaneously ignore true economic fundamentals and foster the impression that Republicans are fiscally conservative and Democrats are kind to the poor. Daylan Darby, writing for in 2006 created a table of the per-person share of the US national debt. I updated it with the latest administration estimates, put it into a spreadsheet, added party affiliations, cost of living and ranked the administrations. The result shows some very interesting things, and does some serious myth-busting. […]

on with the show

I am saddened by what passes for an election campaign. I don’t watch tv, but know what is on it from the chatter around me. Most people think something of substance is being discussed. They think there are significant differences between the puppets presented by the Democratic Party and those presented by the Republicans. Nearly all have accepted the fiction that one will make their personal lives better or worse than the other. […]

recovering our republic

The question came to me today, “How do you believe that we can restore our republic in our lifetimes?” I found it worth considering. I am evolving to Lysander Spooner’s view: “The Constitution has either produced the government we have now, or was powerless to prevent it.” However I temper that with my long-held belief that a workable number of us is unlikely to create an anarchical utopia while maybe as many as 99% are still hoping to be led by benevolent rulers. On the other hand, I do suspect a workable 10% or more could be inspired to revert to the era of relative liberty that followed the Constitutional Convention. […]

bread and circuses

Substantial choices are being offered up in November’s presidential race. The voters in the USA have an opportunity to choose between genuinely stark differences. The candidates have come out in word and in signed documents affirming their stances on what are probably THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUES OF THE DAY. We the people get to choose our fate – and the fate of millions of our fellow earthlings. […]

time out

We moved… offices, woodshop, metalshop, hobbyshop, sailing gear, camping gear, sewing room, farm/garden tools, accumulated materials for all the above and, oh yeah, a home. I’m guessing around 30,000 pounds shifted, packed, staged, loaded, unloaded, moved here, moved there and put away where it belongs. […]

Naked Shorts

I tripped over a Mogambo Guru essay today where he tosses out a tidbit I intuited, really knew, but had never seen in print. The lack of sense in the silver market has smacked of manipulators selling paper silver (certificates and promises) to each other to keep the price from reflecting its true value and stability against the fiat dollar. Today, he added the key facts to the picture for me. […]