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voting lesser of two evils

There is a lot of discussion amongst “normal” people about voting Obama or McCain because the other is so awful. This seems to be the pattern of the last several elections. Depending on which chat group you are with at the moment, the one candidate is so clearly awful that it leaves “no choice” but to vote for the other. I answered one such discussion in a conservative, preparedness forum with religious underpinnings:

What would happen if just once every vote placed was brought to the polls by men of honor and principle?

What would happen if nobody voted for evil? … the lesser of two evils being … EVIL.

We smirk and make smug over those oppressed people whose dictators hold sham elections where there are no other candidates or where the election is blatantly rigged. How could those stupid dirt-scratchers tolerate such a thing, we ask ourselves?

They ought to … WHAT?

What exactly are YOU going to do about it?

The statists are giving you a choice between two statists.
Call them socialists if you wish.
Call them fascists.
All three names are perfectly accurate for both of your mainstream offerings.

The two candidates you are discussing here are two faces of the same organization. All you are choosing is the color of the train racing down the wrong track.

Big deal.

Would enough of us wake up to reality if 80% of the voters stayed home?
Would the ruling elite suddenly find themselves absent the obedient masses underneath?

What if the only people who voted, voted for principle?

Do you have any idea how many of us there are?

Of course not. Nobody does. It has never happened in my lifetime.

You go vote for the paint-job on your fast freight to Hades.

I’ll vote principle and watch you guys go by.

Sorry to see you go. Really.

I love you and am saddened by your descent.