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I ran across a great essay called The Voluntaryist Spirit By Carl Watner. I’d almost forgotten what it was to immerse oneself in philosophy and to challenge my intellect. I found the full essay well worth reading. Go there. Read it. Meanwhile, I clipped some choice sentences and phrases that really hit me. They are all below. But trust me, they are a fraction of the whole. Go read the whole. […]

Same answer 2 years later

I tripped over a response I wrote exactly two years ago in my run for governor of Idaho. Interestingly, I don’t think I’d change a thing in it. The problem has become apparent to most folks who can fog a mirror, but the solution still escapes them. Here’s to hoping they will get it soon. What are your feelings about Idaho’s economy and what should the state do to improve it? […]

voting lesser of two evils

There is a lot of discussion amongst “normal” people about voting Obama or McCain because the other is so awful. This seems to be the pattern of the last several elections. Depending on which chat group you are with at the moment, the one candidate is so clearly awful that it leaves “no choice” but to vote for the other. I answered one such discussion in a conservative, preparedness forum with religious underpinnings: What would happen if just once every vote placed was brought to the polls by men of honor and principle? What would happen if nobody voted for evil? … the lesser of two evils being … EVIL. […]

Google Maps

I sent this to friends as an e-mail. I left the link to our farm off. You’ll get the picture without it. Our friends introduced us to Google Maps. I must say I am impressed with the scope and utility of this project. If you click on the link below, it will take you to our new farm. You can move the arrows around to get different views. When they took the pictures to produce this, the surrounding 40 acres was high in corn. This year it is wheat. The road, house and front yard look pretty much the same. […]

Explaining Liberty

There is an excellent ten-minute presentation on self-ownership here. Those of us who accept the philosophy and even necessity of liberty have a hard time understanding why this simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand and obviously right explanation of the concept doesn’t immediately change the viewer, and snowball to change the world within a few weeks or months. The answer is simply that people cannot apply it to their world and are overwhelmed by any attempt to do so. […]