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So Many Pieces In Play

Our 12-year-old grandson is spending a few weeks with us. He wanted to play chess. The last game of chess I played might have been around his age when for the first time I won a game against my dad. I found myself blissfully moving pieces around opposite him when I awoke to a game nearly over. “WHOA! If you don’t start thinking real darn quick, he won”. You’d have to know him to know how bad that would make the next two weeks.

He rang my bell. I dove two-levels deeper into concentration. I started looking at all of the pieces. I fought off the immediate threats and began a hurried, but effective offense. Things worked out a lot better. Had I slept just one or two moves longer, he had the game.

This morning, several days later, I woke up with several pieces of US and world event manipulation swimming around in my head. It was bothering me to know that there is a plan and a fit to all of them, but I can’t see it. I need to organize what I do know and try to figure out what the game is. Perhaps I ‘ll survive with my liberty intact. I don’t want to know how bad failure will make the rest of my life. I’ll share the pieces with you here.

The Bohemian Club obviously knows they have tanked the dollar and are printing piles of them for fun and profit while they can still buy stuff with them. Regardless of which of the two 9/11 conspiracy theories you subscribe to, it is pretty obvious that they are killing people in Iraq, Afghanistan and those neighborhoods as part of their profit and power plans. “War is the power of the state” and lucrative war-machine profits are obvious motivators.

Obvious too, creating a good enemy, loyal soldiers and supportive throngs are big parts of this. Anyone with even a modest non-government-approved reading list has been exposed to the full value to the ruling elite of perpetual war. George Orwell’s 1984 is as good as any at explaining this.

Where does OIL fit?

The run-up in oil prices has to be integral, because it is so unavoidable and easily predicted by anyone just a few books above a government education. It is rather apparent that the Bohemians are watching in amusement and blowing on the embers as the gasoline-hungry masses prepare to burn the environmentalists at the stake. We can be sure that the Texas Tycoons are in perfect position to profit handsomely from openings in oil drilling and oil shale extraction. (How could I have taken so long to notice where a disproportionate number of our presidents were coming from?)

But what is with the vilification of the oil companies? C’mon, the media is controlled by the Bohemians. They are putting their cards on the table for us to see. How does blaming “Big Oil” fit in the plan? I understand they can’t blame their banking and money printing; that it has to remain behind the curtain, but how does the logical extension of this, a nationalized oil extraction/consumption, fit in the future they have planned for us?

I’m working on this one. Obviously they will still be in charge. I guess their corporation changes structure slightly as we get to choose between a handful of spokesmen they put in front of us at election time, rather than them just hiring their own public information staff. The profits and power will still accrue to the same people. I suppose it doesn’t change a whole lot of things for them, but buys more loyalty as Exxon becomes USOIL. (tee hee, pronounced “U soil”)

The Amero

The declining value of the dollar has to be part of the plan. While their public spokesmen won’t mention it, they surely know as much as we do about scarcity and fiat currencies. I suspect we can safely assume that the Amero is part of that plan, a likely successor to a dollar in free-fall hyper-inflation. The challenge will be selling another fiat currency to replace the one they trashed

How do you sell paper money to people who just lost faith in paper?

We, and the Bohemians, have a number of recent and distant historical examples. I will be interested in what model they will use. It would be great to correctly anticipate it. The obvious one would be Hitler’s “restoration of the German Mark” after the fiat currency meltdown of the Weimar Republic (forced by the treaty ending “The Great War” … planned?). How did that one work? Is it a good model, or is there a better one to choose from?

International troops

We have caught plenty of hints about the North American Union, with favorable coverage indicating that it, too, is an integral part of the future they envision for their amusement. I’m sure the United Nations and its troops fit in there as do the illegal treaties, whoops, I mean agreements sharing troops with Canada and Mexico. You can’t expect US troops to act violently against their own countrymen. Riot-control by indigenous troops is far too chancy. I suspect they are planning on being openly offensive at some point in their game.


Bits and pieces of the TransAmerica Highway keep cropping up. It is logical for this to be part of the plan. The Bohemians probably already own key parcels of real estate that they are gleefully buying with fiat dollars at prices only land in the middle of nowhere commands to be sold later at prices at key intersections of THE BIG ROAD. This is a time-honored tradition just like Lincoln, Grant and their friends’ land holdings falling into the path of the gerrymandered Union Pacific Railroad.

I recently read that the FLDS land is on the route. Wouldn’t that explain a few things? Break out the tinfoil hats perhaps, but the clues are out there. It could be little things that expose the big plan. This group didn’t get a day in court and many, if not most of those rounded up were one-man, one-woman married couples with their own children. The courts eventually sent them all home, with modest admonishment to those who drove armored car-backed buses in to haul out all the women and children. What justified this?

Pardon me if I get suspicious when something smells bad in the home of the Texas Tycoons. If we are to have a fair chance in this chess game, we have to watch all of the pieces moving and figure out the fit on our own. Ignore the stray knight or bishop only to find yourself in check-mate.

Illegal aliens

The captive media has been working with federal law enforcement to vilify, harass, capture, punish, extradite and make sure the millions of them don’t feel overly welcome in the USA. They are ramping it up with arrests, extraditions and imprisonments at all time highs.

I can’t figure how this piece fits into the puzzle.

Obviously a green-card or legal worker program of some kind could bring in a more law-abiding class of workers, and even bring the stabilizing influence of families in with them to do the seasonal work and low-paying work that keeps the workers flowing north into the USA. So somehow it is important that the non-law abiding are attracted while the law-abiding are discouraged from coming. Men of working (and fighting?) age are desirable as long as they don’t bring women, children and older folks with them. How is this ideal? To serve as a bad example of the neighboring culture? No family stability???

The Mexican truckers hauling on US highways is a part of this too. Where it fits is unclear to me.

But why do the Bohemians want the masses ANGRY at Mexicans and other Hispanics (which “we” call Mexicans)? How does our anger help make their North American Union and TransAmerica Highway come together? And why are they now rousting so many of them up to prison and to be sent south of the border? Is there some advantage in heating this up at this time? Are they weeding certain categories out? How? Or are we supposed to dislike all Central and South Americans?

War on Guns / Elections

I hardly have to mention the war on guns. While the NRA, whose leadership was co-opted about a decade ago, hasn’t noticed, most everyone else on the pro-2nd Amendment side knows that both presidential candidates the The Bohemians are offering us this time have strong anti-gun records..

Speaking of which, if there was ever any doubt about their control of who we get to choose from, the active media war against the Ron Paul campaign should dispel that. At one point, when Guiliani was their man, Ron Paul was a (comfortable for them) distant third place in polls (though first in fund raising) while McCain was languishing in 6th or 8th. Stony silence from TV, radio and print media on the Ron Paul candidacy. When it became apparent Guiliani wasn’t going to work, the media brought the Bohemian backup man, McCain, up out of nowhere … zooming from a no-money, no-coverage obscurity to the top.

It appears from the campaign they showed us that the anti-gun portion was one of the ‘givens”. Hillary, Obama, McCain and Guiliani all have impeccable anti-gun credentials. What do you suppose the next four years will do for our rights to self-defense and the far more important defense of liberty?


And as an appendage that I didn’t fit in a decent place above, our next Constitution will clearly have to get rid of those troublesome legal technicalities of the current “republic”, with its clear enumerated power limits, states and individual rights. Happy graduates of government schools will not notice that the rights retained through a legally restricted government were traded in for privileges granted by omniscient powers.

If you waded through this missive without falling asleep, I hope you noticed that I have a lot more questions than answers. They were swimming around in my mind this morning and I wanted to chat with you about them. So I hung my rambling thoughts out on this line for the neighbors to see and discuss.

Checkers is easier.