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Supremely Senile

Many gun-rights advocates are celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling against Washington DC’s current ban on personal firearms for self-defense. Unfortunately, the court has opened the door for more restrictions on self-defense and ruled against the people who would arm themselves against a tyrannical government… which was THE reason for the Second Amendment. In a ruling that a thoughtful, educated 12-year-old could have made correctly in a few sentences, nine post-retirement-aged authorities in black robes spent 157 pages of print to explain away our Constitutional right and cultural responsibility to be armed against an over-reaching government. […]

So Many Pieces In Play

Our 12-year-old grandson is spending a few weeks with us. He wanted to play chess. The last game of chess I played might have been around his age when for the first time I won a game against my dad. I found myself blissfully moving pieces around opposite him when I awoke to a game nearly over. “WHOA! If you don’t start thinking real darn quick, he won”. You’d have to know him to know how bad that would make the next two weeks. He rang my bell. I dove two-levels deeper into concentration. I started looking at all of the pieces. I fought off the immediate threats and began a hurried, but effective offense. Things worked out a lot […]

Why Chinese women don’t get fat

Some Internet panel ad has the headline “discover why Chinese women are not fat” or something about their “secret” to avoiding obesity. I have no need to click on it for numerous reasons, but mostly I cannot feel a part of any cultural group that hasn’t figured it out. This also reminds me of poor people who still, in spite of the destruction our politicians have wrought on the USA image world wide, want to live here quite confident they can live comfortably on wits and work in a country “Where even the poor people are fat”. So what IS the Chinese womens’ secret to avoiding overweight?filipina chat porn paysite passwords myfriends hot mom oriental pussy photos sneaky paparazzi sexiest […]