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I don’t watch television, but am surrounded by people who do. Thus I know they are getting whipped up by high fuel prices. This is classic misdirection with oil being the deck chairs while the dollar is the Titanic … and the Fed is piloting the ship. How so many can be distracted from the reality that their dollars are not buying as much clothing, food, shelter, tools or anything else is a continual source of amazement to me. It is like I’m in the wings watching David Copperfield, Houdini or P.T. Barnum working the rubes.pregnant orgasm ass to mouth girls college drunk fest adult gay personals secretary under desk clit piercing pictures pregnant orgasm nebraska whole life insurance illinois […]

8th Grade Education

We celebrate over 100 years of public schools in the USA. Prior to that, education was dependent on home schooling, neighborhood schooling, religious schools and private schools. For almost 100 years it has been not only “free” to the users of the school system, but mandatory. This, of course, was sold to us to provide a better education for all. It is enlightening to see the final exam a school administrator sent me recently from an 1895 Kansas school.cock sucking bitches gay fat cocks cuckold interacial wife colorado whole life insurance mandy moore nipple asian sex mpegs fifty first dates soundtrack male bestiality dirty old man male ejaculation pics strapon + fuck tv moms nude dp anal hot brunette teen […]