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Yesterday I got to enjoy the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. I first heard Wycliffe Gordon yesterday afternoon in a combo with trumpet player Ed Polcer, who complimented Wycliffe’s sweet and colorful style. They were presenting a class/performance on New Orleans Jazz & the Fine Art of Collective Improvisation. It was WONDERFUL. Hoo-Boy can Wycliffe make that trombone dance. […]

Looney Libertarians

The following is a well-written rebuttal written by Dwight Zitek to a ranting political scribe belonging to Boise Weakly Yes we heard you Bill. You think that we, as Libertarians, are loony. It even has a nice bit of alliteration to it. But witty writing and banter aside I find that your article and overall characterization of us to be a lot like a night with any of the politicians that you so venerate, a lot of style and very little substance. I am sure that you would agree that in order to make the world a better place we need to understand it. And you have a lot of misunderstanding about us. […]