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anti-gun nightmare

Suzanne Hupp, Larry Pratt, John Lott and a few others I’ll think of later had better make room on the podium. The gun-banning, victim-disarmament movement just suffered as massive a setback as any one individual has ever delivered. Jeanne Assam just captured mainstream media attention with her courageous, armed termination of a terrorist event. While the slaughter of 20 or more would have garnered a bit more broadcast time, even the anti-gun media cannot ignore the heroine of the moment without losing their audience altogether. None of us scribblers, activists or pontificators could have done it better. She demonstrated to the widest possible audience that an ordinary person with a handgun, skill and courage can stop terrorists before their slaughters […]

Gun Control

Multiple-victim shootings are always big news to the major media outlets. No matter where in the world they take place, the story will be “big news” for days. That is, unless the shooters are government agents. Once again the gun control arguments come out. Time to trot out the dream of a society where there are no guns and everybody is nice to each other. Yawn. Who keeps stealing the “new” out of our news… leaves us with “S”, doesn’t it? […]