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Interesting how a little glimpse behind the curtain can be so significant and so forgotten. The real shame of Monica-gate was the transition from investigating and prosecuting high crimes, to a diversionary sideshow.

The Clintons were initially caught using FBI, SS, IRS and other federal agency tools to punish enemies and reward friends. That subject was big news for a week or so, then suddenly disappeared to be replaced with the titillating story that dominated the news for six months (except for that brief period when Bill bombed Europe to alter headlines and inertia that was heading towards successful impeachment).

I used to think that both sides of the isle agreed that a full laundering of power abuse would roll too many heads for both parties. It is much more likely that the Clintons had already accumulated enough bad stuff from the FBI records they got caught illegally holding that blackmail changed the investigation from one of high crimes to one of low crimes and under-the-table deals of a much less threatening nature.

Regardless, the complicit media went along with the political leadership and we missed a great implosion of our body politic. Could you imagine all of the dirty politicians exposed at once. WOW! Sure would have been an eye-opener. The Emperor’s New Clothes on a large scale.

If you were to believe this theory of why the investigation of power abuse abruptly ended, you would likely expect the abusers to show up running for president again. That is so unprecedented and ridiculous nobody would be swallowing it, eh? The FBI records showing up in the First Lady’s office were just, uh, oh yeah, she was just trying to figure out what to serve at the next dinner party without having to ask embarrassing questions about who could or couldn’t eat pork, meat, peanuts and such.

Family dynasties in this country? Absurd concept! That would be like the director of the CIA accumulating so much dirt on people of wealth and power that he could get himself and later his bumbling son elected president. Nobody is going to believe that. Unless they notice George Bush the First was once Director of the CIA and, well, surely George II was the absolutely highest-qualified individual out of 301,000,000 in the USA.