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Supremes on Second

Michael Badnarik invited me to co-host this morning’s show on We The People Radio Network . His is a regular M-F feature for the commute hour in Central time, 7:00 -9:00 am. Today’s topic was the Supremes’ acceptance of the opportunity to make their opinions on the 2nd Amendment public.

For us, this is not much of a decision. Amendments -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8- -9- are all acknowledging INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, in existence regardless of laws. The second is not a special one applying to state militias while the rest apply to people.

The right to defense is a natural right both from criminals outside common and statutory law, and those tyrannically government goons operating within statutory law. The obvious purpose was not hunting or self-defense, though those were certainly assumed benefits of man’s natural right to arms. The reason for enshrining this in the Constitution was to remove all doubt that our ultimate defense against tyrannical governments was protected.

This is what any 12-year-old possessed of common sense and fundamental English literacy would call a “No Brain-er”. They have 7 months to study up, research and discuss a 27-word sentence. Hopefully they can do better on this easy one than they did on what individual rights to life, liberty AND PROPERTY are about.

While “On The Air” this morning, we came up with an idea we agreed was worth pursuing: The day the Supremes announce their decision will be marked with a gun owner’s parade to every state house in the nation… shouldered arms and openly-carried sidearms will be welcome.. as is appropriate for any free and honorable people. The gathering will be either celebratory or demanding of local action depending on the intelligence or dementia of the US Supreme Court justices.

Maybe we can get GOA, JPFO, 2nd Amendment Sisters, etc. to build support for the decision announcement party.