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Rising prices -?

When you are on the down escalator it appears the floors around you are moving up.

The privately-owned Federal Reserve, with complicity of the US Treasury and US Congress, has been printing and spending paper dollars since its creation in 1913. The printing of Federal Reserve Notes accelerated dramatically when Nixon finally disconnected the US dollar from precious metals.

Starting with Reagan, each president has found new ways to push the spending throttle down harder without common folks noticing. Now they don’t honestly report the money supply (M3 can be found from non-governmental sources), don’t honestly report unemployment (just “new filings”), don’t honestly report inflation (now just “core inflation”), encourage banks to put 97% of deposited money back into circulation, and more. The complicit media and public that hears what it wants to hear, go along with the scam.

However, in a world awash with paper US dollars and electronic equivalents, they are buying a whole lot less than they used to. Oil is going up. All fuels are going up. Silver and gold are going up. Wheat, corn, pretty-much all food is going up. Holding dollars is such a bad idea that even stocks are going up. If housing weren’t so obviously overpriced and overbuilt (market full of unsold merchandise), it too would be going up. When measured by the paper dollar, it looks like everything is going up.

There is another way to look at this. When everything on the world is racing by your car window at 60 miles-per-hour, people of reasonable intelligence figure out that their car is moving.

Our politicians and media will deny it as long as possible; delaying the inevitable as long as they can. Rulers of countries who enjoy selling stuff to the USA will try to help keep the charade running. But the world of production, of supply and demand, will be demanding more and more decreasingly-valuable paper dollars in order to part with what they own. Our Federal Reserve notes are coming home to water-down the large supply we are already swimming in.

The RATE OF DECLINE of the dollar will be accelerating from here on out… in other words, on a chart, it will be a parabolic curve into the sewer.

Fasten your lap belts, keep your hands inside the car. The ride has begun.

Every once in a while you might want to try remembering how pretty the view was from the top.