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Vote YES on Dr. NO

It’s the most interesting presidential campaign in decades. Ten-term Republican Representative Ron Paul reported 3rd quarter contributions of $5,080,000. This puts him in the neighborhood with the big names in the 2008 presidential race. While Romney, Giuliani and McCain are reporting fundraising declines of 29%-55%, Ron Paul’s fundraising increased 114%.

Ron Paul, an ob-gyn who has delivered over 4,000 babies, refuses to vote “Yes” on any bill that is unconstitutional. This has earned him the nickname in Congress as “Dr. NO.” For those who value the Constitution, our response should be “Ron Paul: YES.”

What really makes this interesting is major media’s reaction. You will hardly find mention of Congressman Paul’s campaign on television, radio or national print media. His popularity and support are being ignored as strongly as they can. They recognize he is not “business as usual”. Ron Paul’s support comes entirely from the Internet. His campaign is a test of traditional media VS the world-wide-web. Those of you with Internet access should search “Ron Paul”. You will be amazed at his strength and support.

Dr. Paul’s message is freedom, peace and prosperity. The ex-USAF flight surgeon is the only Republican candidate who supports the troops by working to bring them all home alive and well. If you think this nation deserves a presidential candidate who stands as a true conservative, look to Ron Paul.

Another interesting aspect of his support is the large number of people who “have never supported a political campaign in my life”, and “I can’t afford much but I donate a little bit twice a month.”  The big donors expecting big favors in return are notably absent. The power brokers are donating elsewhere.  Which are you?

Grangeville Ron Paul supporters meet Saturday at 4:00pm in Pioneer Park.