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Happy Birthday

I called my daughter on her 33rd birthday. Okay, technically she married into the position, but for now that makes little difference. I was remembering to her that some years before reaching that age myself, I set a goal that I would be road racing at Sears Point and Laguna Seca by my 33rd year. […]

Money Supply

Though the US administration no longer exposes itself by publishing the data, private analysts continue to monitor the money supply. The Feral Reserve is increasing the rate of money production to delay (and worsen) the day of reckoning. While it seems to be a reasonable compromise, there are three major problems with ramping up inflation. Before that, here is the picture of what they are doing: […]

Anticipating Economic Change?

So what do we do? I have a pile o kids, a mortgage with no equity, and 0 “extra” dollars per month. I don’t have any money to buy silver or gold with. I can buy a little extra food or ammo each month, but nothing much to write home about. What can someone who has blindly let themselves get hooked into the corrupt and apparently soon to crash system do to make it through the coming crisis? First is risk assessment. The adults need to have a focused conversation either without kids present or with well-behaved kids present. You need to decide that it IS important to prepare and what you really should prepare for. […]