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Coming back around on the guitar

After quite a time out, I am back on the web development and internet learning.  Lots of irons in the fire combined with the slow learning that comes with age and busy-ness.

One of those irons is my jazz combo, Swing Shift and its ‘coming-out’ practice open to the public tonight. I’m really looking forward to it. There’s nothing like an audience to get us all working together, playing our best.

In honor of the occasion, my trombone got a good cleaning. In a compromise between the daily and monthly cleaning recommendations, I have decided it should be done once a week. That decision and the last cleaning was at least a month ago. It is exciting to have the slide so slick it almost moves itself. Plus the clean horn rings more and just has more zip. I’m eager to play it, but saving my embouchure (lip and face muscles) for the show tonight.