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power outage

Lightening fried the substation Thursday evening leaving Grangeville without electricity. Of course at first nobody in the neighborhoods knew what caused the outage, how widespread it was or how long we could expect to be without power. That’s the first lesson we should have learned: we need a local radio station that is prepared for a disaster. Though this was a short-term problem, it should serve notice that we don’t have an effective way to get word out in a hurry unless KORT has the juice. […]

summertime with Swing Shift

Swing Shift is going to be shifting a bit extra in the next two months. For one, our primary band leader and musical director gets to spend the next 4+ weeks harvesting food crops 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. He will not be practicing the sax or leading the band. Co-director Wendy Lindsley, our two music teachers and manager (me) will be filling in, except where it comes to the big hole his missing alto sax will leave. […]

Back at it

Just for the record, my round-tuit popped up again. Here’s to hoping it sticks around.

Coming back around on the guitar

After quite a time out, I am back on the web development and internet learning. Lots of irons in the fire combined with the slow learning that comes with age and busy-ness. […]