The Scary Truth About Living in Big Cities During the Turbulent Times Ahead

The following interview is published intact from the linked source. Yeah, I did not pretty-up the formatting as I often do. In this case there is very little lost in the translation. What you can learn is the comparative values of city life VS country life when TSHTF. – Ted – By Jeff Thomas International Man May 23, 2020 International Man: Amid the Covid-19 hysteria and global shutdown, the drawbacks of living in a big city have become more apparent. Sure, cities can offer more career opportunities. Still, they are also more expensive, dirtier, have higher levels of crime, crowded, have fragile supply lines, and infrastructure that can get easily overwhelmed. How do you view the value proposition of living […]

Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos

  Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  A Frontline documentary, “Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos,” exposes the privacy and product safety risks the huge company poses Data collection is the cornerstone and goal that drives Amazon’s many businesses Even if customers receive dangerous or fraudulent products from Amazon they cannot sue the retail giant Amazon’s Echo products gather personal information from listening in people’s homes Amazon has partnered with both the CIA and police departments in projects that raise surveillance questions Many people know that Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world and the founder of Amazon. They have seen pictures of him and perhaps heard […]

contact tracing mass surveillance

Apple and Google are developing contact tracing mass surveillance system based on Bluetooth Low Energy that is being rolled out as forced updates into users phones without their consent. Put into non-technical terms, they are tracking your every move and recording it FOREVER. Assuming you are stupid enough to use their ‘smart devices’. For as long as they leave it up, here is a YouTube video laying it all out.

a real doctor treating real patients

Terror, terror, terror. It is the tool of terrorists who want to create fear, panic and weakness. We are under attack by terrorists. Knowledge is the best antidote. Courage would be a nice partner, but in the current case not really necessary. Listen to this Dallas, Texas doctor describe her 20 year practice of medicine and how her treatments and protocols are taking flak from, well, the flaks. As World War Two bomber crews would tell us, “When you are taking flak, you can know you are over the target.”

size matters

If your crime is big enough, it pays. Think small, Go To Jail. A great friend of mine and her family were assaulted and abused by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office and court system for the crime of obeying the law. It is a story I told in 2013 with the post courage to stand up. Idaho law allows people to take over abandoned homes by paying off the back property taxes and investing a specified amount in improvements. She was jailed by a run-amok Ada County Sheriff and complicate court system. I later ran across a related story where the scale is thousands of times larger, blatantly criminal and completely unpunished because the scale and players are so […]

Big Business, on the other hand, takes no hits

On May 19th I published crushing Mom’n’Pop here discussing how crucial small business has been to our economy, life, liberty and property. Small business is either the prime target or one of the intended victims of the Covid terrorist attacks. Today I found this poster describing the country’s largest employers as very much NOT the target. I websearched the numbers and found modest variance with the figures below, but nothing that would change the point being made here.

The No Touching Nazis

Kevin James packed a great deal into less than two minutes with this short film. He answers the question, “Where are we heading with cultural ratfinking?” It is a witty, clever, well-done clip … I promise it will be worth your two minutes.

wake-up movies

While not all the movies we watch are so intense, the last three movies we watched from Matrix Entertainment were accurate, enlightening documentaries as serious as the times we are facing. The missus doesn’t always wanna be reality checked, but she sat through these with me. In the case of the last one, Corporate Fascism, she took extensive notes while guiding me through appropriate PAUSE / RESUME as my contribution. On to her notes: Corporate Fascism: American companies are now global companies, with no loyalty to our country, using cheap foreign labor and selling their products to US citizens. 95% Congress of 88% Senate are re-elected even though they only have 21% approval ratings by their constituents who would […]

crushing Mom’n’Pop

Some call it “unintended consequences”, but the evidence points to a deliberate plan with a built in “Oh gee we didn’t think of that” excuse. They closed small businesses. These people typically plow most of their money right back into their businesses. Reserves are a very rare luxury in the self-employed world. Then big government sends a token payment … too little, too late. Business bills keep on rolling in. Commercial real estate is very expensive. Supply chains must be kept alive. Most importantly, the human assets must be fed. Mom’n’Pop have their personal expenses as do their trained, experienced staffs. Unemployment support is for the workers who are out of work. The self-employed and employers themselves do not […]

Are you still happy with your rulers?

The accolades are making me cringe. I want to go big-box volume shopping, but cannot bring myself to brave the surroundings of mask-wearing paranoids. Here in upstream Bitterroot the masked men are few and far between, while the sociable people go about their lives in spite of the lamestream media constant barrage of distrust and distancing. I am very FED UP with widespread acceptance of wild-ass bullshit. Excuse me for bluntly, crudely speaking from the heart. My contemporaries are spread from coast to coast. But we exist. We are not buying it. I kind-of want to build the case here against the forced genetic-altering vaccinations that are clearly on the horizon, but am weary of the widespread acceptance of total […]

virus, vaccine quick pictorial


meet the doctor ordering 10 million people to stay home

the face of LA County’s health expert Los Angeles county exemplifies what is wrong with central planners who pay no price making decisions impacting those who pay for the mistakes. THE EXPERT in charge of their STAY HOME orders proudly wears the title “doctor”, but it is not what the word implies to the average person. It also has no relationship to her current job. Born in Puerto Rico, she attended enough classes in soft-studies to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Master of Arts in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, a Master of Arts in Public Health from Boston University. Arts […]