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this means war

Washington Has Crossed Russia’s Red Line By Paul Craig Roberts   Washington’s military attack on Syria is unambiguously a war crime. It occurred without any UN authorization or even the fake cover of a “coalition of the willing.” Washington’s attack on Syria occurred in advance of an investigation of the alleged event that Washington is trying to use as its justification. Indeed, Washington’s story of Syrian use of chemical weapons is totally implausible. All chemical weapons were removed from Syria by Russia and turned over to the US and its European allies. Syria has no such weapons and has no reason to use them and every reason not to. Moreover, it is none of Washington’s business whatsoever what weapons […]

war is a racket

The USofA has been at war 234 out of 241 years since 1776. 900 military bases in 153 countries is not fighting for your freedom IT IS AN EMPIRE It is not your empire. It is not our empire. “I spent 33 years in the Marines. Most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Haiti and Cuba […]

Trump to clean up Mexico

Trump is talking tough to the president of Mexico. “You have some bad hombres down there. You are not doing enough to clean them out. If your military cannot do it, I am thinking about sending ours. Your military might be afraid to take them on, but ours isn’t.” Who does this buffoon think he is? What game show does he think he is playing on? Of course ending “the war on drugs” would remove the prohibition profit, ending the drug cartel riches that far exceed the entire Mexican economy. That, obviously, does not address their hidden agenda, only the stated one; their cover story. Trump is also threatening Iran after they tested a missile. You are threatening the […]

Can’t shoot the messenger?

Pick a random target and shoot them. Or maybe the target is not so random… I don’t figure I need to put up links. Ya’all know the leaked e-mails exposed the Clintons, the DNC, Obama, the Clinton Foundation and many top level officials for corruption, election rigging, pedophilia, a trail of lies, bribes, bombs and dead bodies. Real media, real investigative journalism would have these people and these stories laid bare before an outraged populace. But the presstitutes are lockstep hammering “the Russians” for hacking the Clinton’s illegal computer system that the secretary of state used instead of the computer system belonging to the US State Department that she was required to use (felony, treason). Evidence of this Russian hack: […]


While nobody is perfect, particularly inhabitants of the Potomac swamp, but Ron Paul is far and away the best elected national representative of my lifetime. Ron’s summary here of ‘the obama legacy’ nails a big piece of it. Left out is the job ohbummer did making our culture more divisive, distrusting and violent against each other. It is ironic that the puppet they chose to oversee that transition was a gay, black Kenyan. They do love their little jokes. He has also continued progress on arming the palace guard and increasing their apartness from we the people. (see Bitterroot Bugle post category: police state) With a fortnight to go in this administration, we probably have more tanks, planes, bombs […]

Kissinger agreeing with Trump???

Paul Craig Roberts is an ex-insider who left the farm and quite regularly exposes their ugliness from a position of real knowledge. I regularly visit his Paul Craig Roberts website, where today his headline leapt off my screen and into my face. I have been wondering the same dang thing. The entire Bilderberg Group has pulled out all the stops to keep Trump out of The White House. Now a several-decades-long tier-two guy jumps out of the conga line to support one of Trump’s initiatives… that of getting along with Russia, rather than doing their ever-loving best to trigger nuclear Armageddon by incessantly poking, prodding, challenging and tormenting The Bear. That’s at least a triple-HUH!!! to me. Why would Henry […]

desperate to cause WWIII

In a crazy move, acting out on a foundation of their own known propaganda, the puppet-masters have their toy tossing Russian diplomats out of our country. This is crazy stuff. With three weeks left in power, the current Potomac Swamp administration is 1) continuously repeating their claim that “The Russians” are responsible for the Democratic Party’s election disaster and, in particular, the leaks of damning internal Democratic Party e-mails. This has repeatedly and widely been proven to be the work of disgusted party insiders. Repeating the lie often enough isn’t working for them in the real world. Message to DC: We don’t believe you! 2) Based on the above fictitious meddling, they are adding more serious sanctions against Russia and […]

Syrians celebrate

Today I ran across a news video from the BBC where Syrians are celebrating their country’s recovery of Aleppo, and other victories against the takeover orchestrated by You-Know-Who. That the celebration seems genuine doesn’t surprise me. That mainstream media shows it, does… kind-of refreshing. Real news … from them. Working on their credibility? For over three years, the world’s military powerhouse has been trying to take over Syria. You can track my posts on the subject here: Knowledgeable populace has thwarted them several times. In the end, it was force against force that stopped it. Sadly, I have to add the caveat “for now”, because the power brokers have yet to give up any of their long-term goals. […]