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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition


Trumping the Deep State

I have been working at figuring out The Game the ruling class is currently playing. We are looking through a knothole in the coliseum fence, but that does not enable us to understand the game, the rules, what they are playing for, or who is ahead at any given time. re-published an article that gives great insights. It is actually Part Two of a three part series published at I have not yet read the other parts, but Part Two is very good. Click the headline below to read the entire article. I give you a couple clips from it below that. FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE: IS DONALD TRUMP THE MULE? ” …Trump used the GOP establishment’s disdain and […]

in your face – by Big Pharma

You would think they have to be subtle, but noooo … Today’s news says their abuse of us can be blatant without penalties. Going straight to the heart of the matter, Big Pharma spent $51 million in the 2012 federal elections and nearly $32 million in the 2014 elections. Their spending in state elections is similar. For every $1 the industry spent on contributions during the last election cycle, $7 were spent on lobbying in 2014. This is where the real money buys legislative and executive branch favors. The pharmaceutical industry’s lobbying expenditures steadily increased from 1998 to 2009, when spending hit a $273 million peak as Congress debated the Affordable Care Act, according to CRP. In 2014, drug […]

forestry, husbandry

In the ‘bad old days’ we called it “HUSBANDRY” (the judicious use of resources) and “CONSERVATION” (careful preservation and protection of something; especially : planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect) … or, more often than not, COMMON SENSE. Farmers, and most people were farmers, took good care of their land such that their family could grow, prosper and enjoy the same lifestyle for generations to come. Short term, selfish thinkers wasted the resources and moved on. Stewards of the Earth outlasted and took over from them. Then the merger of corporate and state (definition of FASCISM) butted in. Government took land. Government agents leased it to their friends, their sponsors and their benefactors. […]

Bull* vetoes

Bullock again proves himself ignorant and incompetent to hold an office representing the people of Montana. Twenty states have “Constitutional Carry” – that is, no law against carrying weapons regardless of whether your coat falls over it or not. There are absolutely no related problems in any of them. With a strong, knowledgeable gun culture, Montana is no more at risk than any of them, particularly including the most recent addition to that list, New Hampshire. Both houses of the state legislature agreed. King Bull* disagreed. His second idiotic move Thursday was vetoing legal carry into Montana Post Offices. Over a decade ago a couple of US Postal Service employees “went postal” and shot some co-workers. From postal service […]

more on the soft coup

I’ve mentioned the civil war among the ruling elites, now better known as “the soft coup”. In a well-armed country with widespread Internet access, a straight-up coup d’état probably won’t work. But they are building up for it. Clearly, their plans for world domination, for their quite publicly announced “new world order” required Hitlary. The Donald ruins some aspect of the plan. Here is more supporting evidence. Watch the video. Check your premises. Exercise your smell tester. IMPORTANT VIDEO: Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list Key Points • Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC • Pedophile list with many names. One […]

Hatfields and McCoys

The “Hatfields and McCoys” is reference to a feud so famous it became synonymous with serous, even lethal battles between acquaintances, friends and relatives. Such is the state of The Potomac Swamp today. We get glimpses of a serious turf war between members of the ruling elite. Most of the players, who is on which side, and most plays being made are not apparent to us. It is kind-of like being in the parking lot of the stadium during a ball game. But make no mistake, the fraction, perhaps half or more, of the rulers who lost in November are hugely powerful and have not lost in a couple of decades. This is A BIG DEAL. I have never seen […]

Gladiator of the Potomac

There has not been anything like it in the 50 years since John F. Kennedy took on the CIA and the Rothschild’s central bank … or the prior shakeup when Abraham Lincoln tried it. I think the current civil war within the ranks of the ruling elite is bigger than either of those and no less dangerous for the leader of the minority. We have to go back to Andrew Jackson’s successful throwing out of the bums and the four attempts on his life to see an insurrection on the scale of what is happening in the Potomac Swamp today. The 6 operators of mainstream media are all against Trump. Huge segments of the massive USofA bureaucracy are against him, […]

redirecting the pro-life effort

I have been an active Libertarian for most of the last 16 years. I have likely been to four score or more meetings of libertarians. Often the discussion moves rapidly over areas of agreement to focus on animated discussions where we do not agree. The pro-life vs pro-choice question is one of the main ones. Nobody wins that argument. Remember, this is a group that eschews existing rules and rulers in favor of philosophically proper and theoretically pure. No pre-existing guidelines carry weight in these arguments. For us there is no agreed upon role for government in this question. That means neither paying for abortions nor monitoring and controlling womens’ reproductive systems. Those who would use government force to ban […]