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58 certified false flags

False Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor … Admitted Fact Posted on February 2, 2016 by WashingtonsBlog Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror

In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:

(1) Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a train track in 1931, and falsely blamed it on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria. This is known as the “Mukden Incident” or the “Manchurian Incident”. The Tokyo International Military Tribunal found: “Several of the participators in the plan, including Hashimoto [a high-ranking Japanese army […]

trolls on the Internet

from Who.What.Why .org

Disinformation Part 1: How Trolls Control an Internet Forum An Insider’s Guide to Online Disinformation

You may well wonder about the material we have chosen to present below. For one thing, it has been around for a while, though mostly on obscure websites. For another, its authors are unknown. More important, we cannot say how accurate, overall, is the analysis offered in it.

Nonetheless, it is tantalizing — and raises some important issues, no matter its provenance.

The document claims to reveal the techniques — dirty tricks, really — that are practiced by trolls, saboteurs, provocateurs, disinformants, spies and other government operatives, as well as their fellow practitioners of the dark arts.

One thing is certain: […]

2016 will be a doozie

Gerald Celente is one of, if not THE premier trends forecasters in the world. His insights and disgust with the globalists can be a bit of a handicap when his passionate, justifiable hatred takes wing in colorful speech. I like that part too, because he expresses what I feel towards the psychopathic ruling elite in ways I feel without expressing strongly enough.

Nevertheless, my wife and I enjoy watching Gerald being interviewed on other people’s programs where he limits his expression to what is more socially acceptable to a broader audience.

Celente’s Trends Research Institute puts sociology, economics, politics and history all together because that is how the world works. His record for predicting The Big Things is impressive.


failure to bow and scrape

Single-Serving Stalinism: The Continuing Persecution of Matthew Townsend


The State of Idaho remains perversely determined to steal five years from the life of Matthew Townsend as punishment for publishing a defiant but harmless statement on his Facebook page. His supposed offense was to criticize Meridian Police Officer Richard Brockbank by name, demand the dismissal of an equally spurious “resisting and obstructing” charge filed by the officer, and to promise a “non-violent and legal shame campaign” employing “peaceful but … annoying” tactics in the event that charge wasn’t dropped.

The trial, which will be a Soviet-style exercise in seeking the imprisonment of a political dissident, will begin on January 19.

Townsend, who is active in the police accountability movement, was […]

Is civil disobedience ramping up?

Oregon Standoff: Isolated Event or Sign of Things to Come?

By Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Institute

The nation’s attention turned to Oregon this week when a group calling itself Citizens for Constitutional Freedom seized control of part of a federal wildlife refuge. The citizens were protesting the harsh sentences given to members of the Hammond ranching family. The Hammonds were accused of allowing fires set on their property to spread onto federal land.

The Hammonds were prosecuted under a federal terrorism statute. This may seem odd, but many prosecutors are stretching the definition of terrorism in order to, as was the case here, apply the mandatory minimum sentences or otherwise violate defendants’ constitutional rights. The first judge […]

civil war warming up?

Feds Preparing “Multi-Agency” Action In Oregon As Patriot Militia Says They Are “Willing To Kill And Be Killed” Posted on January 4, 2016 by Mac Slavo

What started as a peaceful protest in Burn, Oregon over the imprisonment of two ranchers, who lit fires on federal land to curb the growth of invasive plant species and reduce the risk of wildfires on their property, has turned into an armed standoff pitting the Federal government against armed Patriot militiamen.

Joining the Burn protest were Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy who was at the center of a grazing rights dispute in Bunkerville, Nevada in 2014. At Bunkerville as many as 5,000 armed individuals from around […]

leaky windows

While many will not care a whit, more writers are publishing evidence of tech giants standardizing privacy invasions as integral to their business models.

As an overwhelming majority put every detail of their lives on computers, unfettered NSA and private partners collect all data. Didn’t everybody read 1984? Don’t ya’ll realize how this turns out? …”I don’t care if they violate my privacy; I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say. – Edward Snowden

Here’s a fresh article about the generous software giant helping everyone encrypt their data for […]

Dangerous Old Men

By Ebben Raves from American Thinker .com

Everybody knows a Walt Kowalski. He is the grizzled Korean War veteran Clint Eastwood played in the movie Gran Torino. A man who spends his days sitting on the porch, keeping his house and yard immaculate, satisfied to drink his cheap beer while watching his neighborhood and country go to hell around him. He is an anachronism, a dinosaur — part of the old America where you worked hard, took pride in your work and where you lived, and fought for your country and what it stood for when called upon. Armed with his M1 Garand rifle and 1911 .45 pistol he brought back from the war, he put new meaning in […]

Big Brother IS unabashedly watching

New Bill Would ALLOW British Intelligence to Hack Children’s Toys to Spy on People in Their Homes

By Melissa Dykes from Activist Post .com While the police and surveillance state here seemingly gets worse all the time, Britain’s is about to take the Orwellian Nightmare cake.

The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill currently being considered there would allow British intelligence agencies to take over children’s toys and spy on people with them. From inside their own homes. The bill would also force Internet providers to assist in the “legal” hackings.

So long as the toy is Internet-connected, it could theoretically be remotely hacked.

Via the Telegraph:

“A range of devices that have been in the news recently, in relation to […]

burning anti-Muslim false flags

This is a YouTube video covering the Oregon community college false flag shooting earlier this year. It rips up the official narrative.

Drills are being played out as if they are real involving crisis actors a few steps below B-movie actors. Media and politicians are playing it as if the events really took place.

Most, if not all of the media-featured shooting events in the last several years have turned out to be false flag events. Often without any victims at all. The rest of the time, the accused shooter is one of the victims with the actual perpetrators being protected contract killers.

The obvious agenda is gun control, and by that means, defenseless people control… conquering the […]

San Berdoo dooers: 3 tall white men

editor note: this is one of many reports that the shooters were 3 paramilitary operators rather than two people who were murdered while wearing handcuffs and who are now having their lives re-made to fit an official narrative.


Eyewitness to terror attack: ‘Three tall white men did it’ Mesa Tactical/Flickr “It looked like their skin color was white […] they appeared to be tall”, says eyewitness By Shepard Ambellas | Email Author Follow on Facebook | Follow on Twitter

SAN BERNARDINO, Calf. (INTELLIHUB) — A few interesting details have surfaced regarding Wednesday’s mass shooting dubbed ‘terror attack’ which killed 14 and injured 17 others. One of the most interesting comes from an eyewitness.

We now know that ATF […]

holes in the false flag

San Bernadino shooting story shot full of holes by patsies’ attorney

Ten questions THEY don’t want you to ask

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As CNN has reported, an attorney in the case has stated bluntly that the government’s account of what happened in San Bernadino “does not add up.”

One think we know for sure: The government is lying. So what really happened? Here are some obvious questions that the mainstream media is afraid to ask.

Since the windows of the couple’s SUV were found rolled up and blown out, how could the couple have initiated a gun battle with […]

gun control

Let me clear the air at the outset, actual gun control is the ability to hit your intended target and nothing else.

People control is another thing entirely, dependent primarily on having them defenseless – which means, right off the bat, they cannot have guns while those who would be the controllers do have plenty of guns – lots and lots of guns – and ugly henchmen willing to shoot people with them on command.

I am putting this page up primarily as a place I can air some graphics I have been collecting.


San Berdoo part two

Eyewitness to terror attack: ‘Three tall white men did it’ Mesa Tactical/Flickr “It looked like their skin color was white […] they appeared to be tall”, says eyewitness By Shepard Ambellas | Email Author Follow on Facebook | Follow on Twitter

SAN BERNARDINO, Calf. (INTELLIHUB) — A few interesting details have surfaced regarding Wednesday’s mass shooting dubbed ‘terror attack’ which killed 14 and injured 17 others. One of the most interesting comes from an eyewitness.

We now know that ATF investigators recovered police issued firearms from the alleged shooters. This key detail was leaked by 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina during a press interview after she had overheard a newsroom report that doesn’t fit the official narrative.

We […]

false flag flying in San Berdoo

The San Barnardino SWAT team dresses up in tac-tic-KOOL clothes, rides around in and on armored cars, practicing to respond to an event that is likely to never happen in their real world.

But it’s all cool, cuz they can play paramilitary in pretend events every month, with overtime and premium pay on top.

This month they got to up their game a notch. In the same location they use for the rest of the practices, they added crisis actors and imitation news coverage. As happens once or twice a year, lamestream media and the prostituted political class decided to play this exercise as if it were a real shooting.

There is a LOT of proof that the San Berdoo […]

Minority Report

‘Minority Report’ Is 40 Years Ahead of Schedule:

The Fictional World Has Become Reality

By John Whitehead

“The Internet is watching us now. If they want to. They can see what sites you visit. In the future, television will be watching us, and customizing itself to what it knows about us. The thrilling thing is, that will make us feel we’re part of the medium. The scary thing is, we’ll lose our right to privacy. An ad will appear in the air around us, talking directly to us.”—Director Steven Spielberg, Minority Report

We are a scant 40 years away from the futuristic world that science fiction author Philip K. Dick envisioned for Minority Report in which […]

helping you swallow

So much of what I publish here is hard to swallow. I understand that. If it comes on too fast, it is like trying drink out of a firehose.

Nobody would do that. It doesn’t make sense. Nobody could get away with that. Who would want to do that?

You need to understand that there are genuine sociopaths and psychopaths in the world. They really exist.

I know you know that, but somehow it doesn’t make sense that they get into positions of power.

Where else would they want to be? Who else would say anything and do anything in order to attain positions of power? What kind of people would they bring into their appointed positions and inner circle? […]

Mandated Vaccines: Finding Our Path to Freedom

By Rosanne Lindsay ND

In June, California became the first state to mandate vaccination for all children attending public and private schools. Similar mandates will apply to all adults working in daycare settings. There are currently 58 bills in 24 different states that would limit your rights when it comes to vaccines, or lose your job. A proposed Federal law will attempt to jab the entire nation.

While we were sleeping, presidential candidates began practicing medicine without a license, declaring no one has a right to refuse vaccination, meanwhile openly accepting bribes from the pharmaceutical industry. In Australia, “‘conscientious objectors’ to childhood vaccination will have their childcare and family tax payments stopped.”

Suddenly, we’ve awakened to the global herd […]

windows spying – who-da-thunk?

In absolute “Oh duh” news, it turns out that there is a price to the FREE Windoze numbuh 10 operating system.

Jeeeminny, you would have to be squeezing your mind shut tight to not have noticed Microsoft in the giant orgy bed with all the governmental and NGO data gathering and sharing conglomerates of the western world.

NGO = Non-Government-Organizations, a massively overgrown monster of unelected, uncontrollable bureaucracy intruding, controlling and sucking the life out of the world.

Edward Snowden pulled massive amounts of it all together, courageously and selflessly sacrificed a comfortable $200,000-per-year life to PROVE the GOs and NGOs are capturing, storing and sharing everything they can about every one of us.

Top level national and international […]

One nation under siege

Jade Helm 15: One nation under siege? Robert Bridge has worked as a journalist in Russia since 1998. Formerly the editor-in-chief of The Moscow News, Bridge is the author of the book, “Midnight in the American Empire.”

? An unprecedented military operation spanning seven southwestern US states has grabbed the attention of not only conspiracy theorists, but the governor of the second largest state in the republic.

Jade Helm 15, the largest domestic military exercise ever held on US soil, will bring together over 1,000 members from the nation’s elite forces, including Green Berets, Special Ops from the Navy and Marines, and SEALS. The sweeping operation, according to the Pentagon, will give soldiers an opportunity to practice “unconventional warfare.”


nice answers or correct ones?

This post is for those going about their every-day lives with expectations that the future will be similar to the past; that their long-term plans for retirement and other pleasantries will roll along with no major sharp turns in the path.

How would you recognize if your country was not a free country?

What would a police state look like, when compared to where you live?

What are the differences between a dictatorship and the USofA?

What is a standing army?

Why did the founders of this country warn against having one?

What is a militia?

What is the relationship between the federal and state governments?

Where do dollars come from?

Why does the value of the dollar […]

why the fireworks?

The United States Celebrates Independence Day — a Time for Re-evaluation By Janet Phelan

The fourth of July. This is the day for Americans to go down to the beach with a picnic basket loaded up with ham sandwiches and to drink more beer than can possibly be recommended during the work week. This is the day to gather with friends and family and to ooh and aah at pyrotechnics dazzling the sky. It is a day, if we stop to think, to be grateful that we are not living in a country which produces lock-step conformity and fear in its citizenry. It is a day, traditionally, to be thankful for our freedoms.

This July 4th, it would be […]

hiding in plain sight

Christmas 2014 was reportedly awful for retailers. In fact all of 2014 was bad for retail sales. Ditto Christmas 2013 and that year itself. Rather obvious to all of us is the decline in discretionary spending. Shops and chain stores are closing down. Vacancies in retail outlets are way up. Retail is continuing a long fall with no turnaround in sight.

With vacancies up, rent way down, about the least likely thing any investor would do is build a new shopping center. Yet scattered across the USofA, the once-upon-a-time free country, are half a dozen being built along with dozens recently built. The old ones are losing major retailers while the new ones have no major retailers at all signed […]

the death of free speech

The Emergence of Orwellian Newspeak

By John W. Whitehead

from The Rutherford Institute

“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it…. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. […]

killing a free country

May 1919 at Dusseldorf, Germany, the allied forces discovered a copy of these ‘Rules.’ They were first printed in the United States in the ‘Bartlesville (Oklahoma) Examiner-Enterprise’ the same year, 1919.

Almost 20 years later, in 1946, the attorney general of Florida obtained them from a known member of the Communist Party, who acknowledged that the ‘Rules’ were then still a part of the Communist program for the United States.

1. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.

2. Get control of all means of publicity.

3. Get people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and other trivialities.

4. Divide the people […]