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Iatrogenic death = #1 cause in USofA

I am pointing you to an article so powerful and well assembled that I have difficulty finding excerpts that do it justice. Yet I respect the work that went into it too much to republish here. I will give you a few tidbits, but click on the links to read it from the original publisher. PHARMAGEDDON …Over 70% of Americans are on some form of pharmaceutical drug that often brings negative side-effects, including death. Iatrogenic death, or “death by doctor”, is considered the third leading cause of death in America, conservatively speaking. Some experts interpret the data to read iatrogenic death as the number one cause of death, and they have a great deal of evidence to back up […]

my new car company

I found myself with a spare five billion dollars lying around. I have a bullet-proof plan for using it in the creation of the ultimate car company. As is popular with ideas like this, I will give it a proper newspeak name: FREEDOM MOTORS. My first step to guarantee profitability will be to have my good friends in Congress move all liability for injury, death or failure to perform as advertised from Freedom Motors to the National Freedom Motors Injury Compensation Program. Lawmakers actually work quite inexpensively. For less than a billion dollars, I can get a fifty-fold return on investment. Then to make sure our compensation system doesn’t break the taxpayers, and give my company a bad name […]

wild painkiller

In slang terms, this really is WILD! A weed right under our noses that is so useful it ought to be outlawed. I hate to say that for a couple of reasons, but I do suggest that you get some seed to work with before your protectors take it away. I post it here to help insure its availability, but all the links are from the source article at Before It’s You might want to go there to see the article in its natural habitat and original form. Click the link above to do that. -Ted   The Best Natural Painkiller That Grows in Your Backyard By Claude Nelson Contributor profile | More stories (Before It’s News)   […]

empty stroller walk

There are opinions, and there are facts. While “I THINK …” often precedes an honest expression of sincere opinion, it should not be confused with real world experiences. Robert De Niro was shocked when half of the independent film makers at a festival he co-organized threatened to boycott over the showing of an independent film. He pulled the controversial film rather than have the festival crash. TODAY had him on their show during that festival hoping for good footage of him attacking VAXXED. What he delivered instead had them fidgeting in their chairs. Oops. This boycott is unprecedented. It is organized, orchestrated. I will find out who and what is behind it. He is now co-sponsoring a $100,000 prize for […]

curbing the population explosion

I was the man tasked with “Office Automation” for a 1,800-person Hewlett Packard division when “micro computers” were coming from dozens of manufacturers with almost that many different operating systems in them. There was a lot of jostling, innovation and competition to see whose opsys, software and hardware would best serve office staffs. Then the giant IBM waved its magic wand and *POOF* Bill Gates was anointed king of operating systems. That he “won the right” in our rigged court system to steal the significant ideas from Apple’s windows interface is lost in the dustbin of under-published history. Rigged game or not, that turn in the road set Gates on the path to be worth $85.6 billion today, controller of […]

Is There an Anti-Vaccine Shadow Network?

By Dr. Mercola In the wake of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. telling reporters that President Trump asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, the media is angling to shame and ridicule vaccine safety and informed consent proponents, be they physicians, scientists or parents with the ability to read and think for themselves. Although Kennedy’s appointment has not been confirmed yet by the Trump administration, The Atlantic has gone so far as to suggest that a “shadow network of anti-vax doctors” is being emboldened by questions and concerns the new president has voiced about vaccine safety.1 Like Kennedy and many other critics of vaccine science and policy, President Trump has been outspoken about his suspicions that […]

phaith in pharma

While it might be a happy place for the masses, I am not as trusting of those at the top of the Federal-Reserve-Note food chain. In most cases, scratch the surface to find the rich and powerful left trails of bodies in their wakes. I am amazed and disappointed by the blind faith intelligent people use as their guide. I really don’t feel I was genetically given extraordinary intelligence, but the masses are oblivious to cultural-political components that are obvious to me. I occasionally struggle to comprehend what strikes me as deliberate action to choose worshiping evil over rejecting it. The trusting lambs seem smart enough in many ways, yet march right onto the killing floor to the soothing […]

chronic bronchial congestion cured

I cannot think of any morning in recent memory where I did not wake up with lung and bronchial congestion. I find that taking two Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health tablets a day keeps my congestion under control. I forget or run out of those supplements once in a while and notice degradation. It is chronic in me. I accept that … mostly. I get up and am upright for an hour or two and it clears out until the next morning. Of late, it occasionally makes me get up around 3:00 AM for a couple hours to clear my chest enabling me to go back to sleep for a while longer. Yesterday I was concerned that it was […]