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click bait

Stupid teasers instead of real headlines. I nearly always delete-before-reading, or just pass on by. Real headlines Tell Them What You Are Going To Tell Them. Then the article Tells Them. Then the closing Tells Them What You Told Them. This was taught to people of my generation when they moved from English language fundamentals into literary communication – somewhere around 12 years old. The Dumbing Down of America is well on its way. Trump Makes HUGE Move For Secret Service – No President Has Done This… This is a typical headline. What did it tell you? The President did something. Wow! He does something all day every day. No information whatsoever. The something he did involves the Secret […]

good news on Internet censorship

On February 25th, I published on Google and friends trying to censor Natural News (see: information war). The former slid such a long ways from socially inspired geeks into ruling elite slime partners. I suppose it was inevitable that their success, widespread respect and popularity would attract the worst of humanity and their big bucks Johns. Still, I am saddened by the gross decline. On a personal level it is a bit more poignant because a research firm one of my daughters worked for was vacuumed up by the Google conglomerate, turning her into a Google employee. I would be proud were she aware of her owners’ integrity decline, but she is unfortunately ignorant. So I have to watch […]

information war

This epic ad from 1984, and the war for primacy in the fledgling “micro computer” market fits well here. Watch it below, in case you don’t remember big IBM and newborn Microsoft OWNING the industry. You may know that I have been blogging against the empire since May 2007 … well, more FOR my community, but that, by definition, must be against statism and totalitarian efforts. The war against us is heating up dramatically this year. You might not notice that going to the grocery store, but the Internet is the only cool tool we have against the fake media propaganda machine, the beltway bullies and the central banksters. They know that. They have some BIG PLAYS planned. They cannot […]

duel of the mind controllers

It is called television programming for a reason. I cannot imagine accepting the product spewing out of mainstream media uncritically. Particularly after their long, proven, consistent record of ERRORS – or deliberate, planned, organized propaganda. But for many, it is their only source – and all is forgiven because the polish is so nice and presenters are so pretty. Well that, and the ease with which information comes their way. No having to sort out between differing sides of a story. No analysis, or thinking required. Just accept the product and consider yourself INFORMED. MIS-informed is kind-of the same thing, I suppose – or similar enough to be confused with real knowledge. At least there is something occupying their brains. […]

bread and circuses

5 Major Stories Americans Missed While Consumed by the Super Bowl   (Before It’s News) by Matt Agorist “Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult….” ? George Orwell, 1984 As Americans train their attention to Super Bowl 51, massive life changing events are unfolding around them — and most people are entirely oblivious — mostly by design. All week long, the rivalry between the Patriots and the Falcons has been plastered across televisions — and, in effect, across the minds of Americans. Super bowl, super bowl, super bowl — concern yourself with nothing else. As Jim Quinn points out, when six mega-corporations who depend upon […]

best part of the Trump administration

The most exciting element is the open animosity between The Donald and Lamestream Media. This country now has something it has not had in my lifetime: The Fourth Estate *. “The Founders” thought they had set it up well with a Free Press. Either baked into the Constitution, or accidental doesn’t much matter, but having the same money men who bribe the politicians own the media has been awful for liberty. Now they are NOT working for the same godfather. Even though Trump grew up in their neighborhood and went to all the right parties, he seems to be a serious enemy of theirs. The result is a press that won’t let him get away with anywhere close to as […]

happy days

I am not believing in DC magic. I do not expect to see the Potomac Swamp drained. Money, power, vice and corruption will remain far more popular than liberty. BUT, I won’t have to see bits and pieces of that nauseating synchronized show where the Clinton, Obama and Media whores constantly lie to a worshiping audience of trusting souls who I could otherwise happily share Earth with. Photos and quotes from those two disgusting pseudo-humans will finally drop off my news feeds. The media and The White House will be at odds instead of teammates. THAT loss of power is a glorious benefit to the election results if nothing else improves. Not much else is assured, but those are […]

farewell facebook

Maybe I should call it “fakebook”. Nah. Fakebooks are books full of standard charts that musicians use to “fake it” when they don’t have a song down pat. I have several of them… jazz, latin, dixieland… Meanwhile, back on facebook… The Internet, primarily facebook destroyed the drop-dead-certain coronation of Clinton II. The ruling elite and its mainstream media monopoly were so convinced they had it perfectly rigged that Newsweek even printed and distributed a “Hillary Wins!” issue. Boy would I love to have one of those, but they recalled ’em all. However, The Bilderberg Group isn’t inclined to make the same mistake twice. Facebook has to change. They own it too, after all. Zuckerberg isn’t some lucky genius. He is […]