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know what you are up against

The embedded article below is powerful, assuming you also watch the enclosed videos. The evidence of malfeasance against US is nearly overwhelming … and I mean that literally. It is easy to simply give up. I don’t think that is the proper response, and is certainly not the one I try to elicit by sharing information about The Rothschild/Bilderberg Group assaults on humanity and rational cultures of this planet. Knowing what is attacking our natural surroundings, and our own bodies carries hints of what we can do to survive, and thrive in the modified environment. Of course I hope we can spread the knowledge until eventually shutting them down. Meanwhile, take care, fix and repair what you can. There are […]

ignorance is a choice

I have not seen a better introduction to our air than this one. Look up. It is happening in your sky too. Deny if you wish. You have to work at ignoring it. Learn if you can. Give me back BLUE SKIES, please. This short video is far better than the snapshots and video clips I have quite frequently been taking [and publishing] of the Bitterroot skies. I just don’t understand ignoring something that is every day over your head going on endlessly. The denial-gene is strong in some, I suppose. BLUE SKIES are now a rarity – an event to be celebrated. They used to be what we had – 5 out of 7 pretty days between storms. Now […]

pervasive flu, cough

It is going around… the world. “Everybody” is getting it. A really bad one. Nasty. Oh, but don’t give a second thought to the plumes spewing out of the spray planes criss-crossing our skies. Big Sky Country almost implies BLUE, and clean. But we get their white streaks expanding into pervasive pasty-white more often than we get blue. What are they spraying? And why? Global Skywatch .com does a much better job than I can. If you are interested, go there. If they were spraying, people would document it and laboratory tests would prove it. People are documenting it. Lab tests are proving it. Nature is proving it. Our health is proving it. Ignoring it, or paying attention … […]

stop the war on global warming

The chemtrails sprayers can’t seem to make up their minds. Some of the time they claim they are not doing it; that we are imagining their chemtrails. The rest of the time they tell us how they are doing it to save the planet from global warming … or when we are cold, climate change. Their chemtrails and haarp are, on days we might like them, saving us from the horrors of nature. On other days, they don’t exist. Let us put one part of that to rest. They are teaching it in their universities. Their how and why mythologies are the subjects of bachelors, masters and PhD degrees with guaranteed employment working for overt and covert governmental organizations. […]

UFO photos

Incredibly, today I heard, saw and photographed what had to be a pair of UFOs crossing the sky over my head. This is not my first viewing, but today I was able to take three photographs of them. I know they weren’t regular modern jet aircraft because there was no vapor trail, not even a trace. Thus according to the deniers, no jet engines – and therefore no means of propulsion and levitation known to man.

What in the World are they spraying?

Give this documentary 20 minutes. Highly credible people do an excellent job of sticking to provable, solid facts. What in the World Are They Spraying? We watched it yesterday evening. We agreed to watch only the first bit, then decide to continue or quit. “Keep watching” was our unanimous decision. Very informative, well done, and extremely important to us all. From the page at Top Documentary Films: What in the World Are They Spraying? By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet […]

geoengineering Montana

I wrote the following in response to an inquiry questioning whether my stance on having Montana state resources investigate the impact(s), if any, of geoengineering on the people, plants, animals and other resources in our state was additional spending, and thus counter to Libertarian financial conservative principles. I understand your question as well as the underlying question it implies. I will answer both. The state government of Montana lists 36 separate agency websites. As governor I would authorize no additional agencies, nor would I allow budget increases for any existing agencies. Furthermore, I would work to eliminate several of them by transferring their work back to regional or local government or the private sector where appropriate. It is probably more […]

break’s over

It hasn’t been our turn for quite a while. I didn’t mark it down, but I think the entire month of August thus far has been chemtrail free. After months of 5 or 6 days a week of coverage, that has been real refreshing. But today they are back. At least two different planes were criss-crossing The Bitterroot with whatever the heck was on our prescription schedule today. You can go to GlobalSkyWatch, ChemtrailsPlanet or other sites for more on what is being sprayed, and the effects on Earth and its inhabitants. I knew as of Fri, 12 August 2016 09:48 AM that we were going to be targeted today. The sky to the north already had several passes […]